Thursday , July 29 2021

Grupo Agrisal goes to Peru with five hotels and invests $ 100 million

Author: Jose Barrera –

Grupo Agrisal will close the year with a new milestone: entering the Peruvian market, which will consolidate the Salvadoran company as a multilatin.

Agrisal Hotels is executing an investment plan for $ 100 million – up to five years – for the construction and management of five new hotels in Peru, two of which are already under construction.

The first events are Holidai Inn Express, located in San Isidro in the financial heart of Lima and Holidai Inn in Piura, the third most important city in Peru and an important agro-industrial and mining center located in the north of the country.

Roberto Siman Siri, director of Grupo Agrisal, explained that the project was defined in the year of research and that in this entry support Grupo Centenario (with which they formed a partnership) and the owner of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) brand Holidai Inn.

"The abandonment of Central America places us in the new region, which is very important for the group, it is a projection towards the future and we are continuing with innovations in the form of new regions, new countries, we are certain that there is a country like Peru and cities where we invest resources, we found the support of local partners and great openness to work (…) with the decline in South America Agrisal becomes a group with more Latin, we recognize that this is thanks to our philosophy of constant evolution and commitment to our associates and the trust of our allies, "said Siman.

Centenario (which will have a 50% stake in the company) has experience in the real estate sector thanks to the construction of shopping malls, offices and houses.

Siman Siri revealed that other markets such as Colombia, Ecuador and Chile have been analyzed during the research phase, but that the strategic choice of Peru has gained the strength of the tourism sector, the strength of the economy and the country's connection with Central America and the world

The first phase of the agreement with Grupo Centenario and IHG includes the development of five hotels in the cities of Lima, Piura, Arequipa and Cuzco.

The first of the hotels to be opened is Holidai Inn Ekpress in San Isidro, which will officially open the door in February 2019, a project investing 21 million US dollars.

The hotel is built in a 19-story tower that will have a building area of ​​9,716 m2 and will have space for 175 rooms and two floors of underground parking.

In the meantime, Holidai Inn in Piura consists of six floors of the building, on a building area of ​​6,721 m2 and a capacity of 118 rooms. The complex will be in operation from April 2019 and will invest $ 12.5 million. The hotel is connected to the Plaza del Sol, the main commercial complex of Piura.

"Catering is our leader, as was the case in Costa Rica, where we are then offices and trade. Catering is the most profitable business," Siman Siri explained about plans to drop the market with new developments.

Agrisal Hoteles already operates more than 1,000 rooms in eight business hotels in five Central American countries (El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama).

Eduardo Kuinonez, director of Agrisal Hotels, says that in the case of the new Holidai Inn Ekpress offers a number of advantages that are not covered by any chain and see many opportunities for growth.

"In the case of Piura, Holidai Inn Express will initially be Holidai Inn Express, and after several studies and evaluation it is defined as a" full service "because the landslide lacking such hotels and although there are local chains, the brand will fill this hole on the beach," he explained.

Despite the power with which it invests abroad, Agrisal maintains its rhythm in El Salvador, where this year Kuattro Tower opened a new office building annexed to the San Salvador World Trade Center and the expansion and remodeling of its hotels in the country.

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