Monday , August 15 2022

"I'm sorry," said a street vendor who killed agent Edila TRUJILLO Industry


Afternoon last Friday, the historic center of Trujillo became the site of the murder. Jorge Victor Campos Montoia (40) attacked the informal trade agent of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo with a breakthrough and after being taken to the emergency illness of Bethlehem Trujillo, doctors could do nothing.

On Saturday afternoon he was arrested and from that moment he was arrested by the police. When police asked him about the brutal attack he had committed, Campos Montoia said that he was sorry for everything he had done.

During the hearing, to which he was exposed by the police, the gay recognized that he had attacked with the knife by William Roger Castillo Alexandria (33), because they were removed from the crowd of Gamarra by the edgy people without telling them anything. It would upset the seller.

For the arrest of the clinic, the Geolocation system was used, he warned them that he was in Florencia de Mora, said the head of the Eszekuil Pena Miranda assassination.

On the other hand, the sister of the victim, Kelly Campos, said she was devastated by the death of her beloved and that she was the one who led him to work as an informal trade agent in the municipality of Trujillo.

"He was calm and he was working to support his 8-year-old son living in the jungle with his mother. 8 months ago I brought my brother out of the jungle to work as an informal trading agent in the municipality of Trujillo." He accepted Rado because he was tired works as a farmer on our farm in the city of La Libertad, Bela Vista, Tarapoto, "he said.

The sisters of the deceased considered that the function of William was not to catch the ambulance vehicles but to defend her companions from the attacks of these. He found that the victim no longer wants to work as an informal business agent because he is sorry when the goods were taken away from the sellers.

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