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In Mexico, 85% of cases of lung cancer are diagnosed later

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At least 87% of patients consume tobacco for a large part of their lives. Photo: Cuartoscuro


In Mexico, 85 percent of cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in advanced stages, although there are treatments to identify this neoplasm, which is the leading cause of death in the world, he said. Jose Manuel Mier Odriozola, member of the Institute for Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery (ICTMI).

"The vast majority of patients with a diagnosis of lung cancer are diagnosed in late stages, when they no longer have a healing therapeutic option"he warned.

Manuel Mier explained that tobacco consumption is a major factor in patients in Mexico. He considered it 87% of patients consume tobacco for a large part of their lives.

Certainly cigars are one of the most important risk factors, up to 87 percent of all patients with lung cancer have a history of smoking, "he said.

The doctor explained that there are other risk factors for the development of this neoplasm, such as exposure to some types of radiation, environmental pollution, diseases that release the immune system, medications that reduce defense and inherited factor.

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Manuel Mier, who caught Mexico in thoracic surgery in the fight against lung carcinoma through DaVinci robot, said survival of 80 percent of patients under treatment, that is five years of life, and the one who decides not to submit can reach a maximum of one year.

According to the Ministry of Health, lung cancer is ranked seventh because of its frequency, however, it is the deadliest tumor, which is why it is the leading cause of cancer death. About eight thousand Mexicans die every year from this neoplasm every year.

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