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Inslito: rob the former to make presents and travel with his new girlfriend


A man who stole credit card information from his ex-girlfriend in order to pay gifts to his new partner was arrested on October 5 at Gatwick Airport (London, UK) while preparing for the launch of the trip Pars also financed the formerly with love, reports The Independent.

Angel Ekford, a scammer, and Michael Fehsenfeld had a short romantic relationship about two months later this year. The pair split up after a night with Ekford's friend and her boyfriend.

On that occasion, Fehsenfeld claimed that he had lost his wallet, so Exxford agreed to give him a ticket to pay entrance to the local as well as food and drink. "It was the last time I saw him personally," a woman wrote on her Twitter account, whose story was published to alert other potential victims of scam, but was split almost 12,000 times.

The next day that night, Fehsenfeld revealed in his social networks his plans to spend the weekend in a spa with another girl and block his ex.

Suspicious costs

After about a month from that date, Ekford, a South African citizen, began to notice suspicious transactions in his bank account. In this way, a woman discovered that someone bought a ticket for a total of £ 1,200 ($ 1,575), even without a doubt of the identity of the thieves.

Your friend carefully reviewed a bank statement, where she found a trip to Paris for two people in the catch cost of the EasiJet line with the corresponding flight booking code. When they entered this information into the company's field system, they discovered that the passengers were Michael Fehsenfeld and the companion.

Gifts and services paid

The bank also means buying flowers at home on the same day when the new partner of Fehsenfeld published on his Instagram account a picture of a bouquet of flowers he got from his boyfriend. Also, the man used his former card for paying parking, real estate tax, subscription fees for TV channels, and even services that increase the amount of "similar" on Instagram.

With all this evidence, Ekford condemned his ex-boyfriend and expressed his anger in the way a man used it when he knew of a difficult personal situation: "I do not have a direct family in the United Kingdom, I depend on 100% of myself and I have people in South Africa that I support economically. "

"My hard work is worth it to" love ", sadly.

On October 22, Fehsenfeld sentenced a court in Cambervell Green to London to 26 weeks of suspended imprisonment for two years, 150 hours of community work and to pay compensation to his former partner.

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