Saturday , October 1 2022

Instagram: The cat got a good scout when its owner wanted to stroke it Viral | Ig | Video


The cat got a good look when it was next to its owner, who wanted to fend for him. Taking this fact, made by the owner of the mascot, soon became viral on Instagram.

For a few seconds, the video shows a small hair that lies next to a glass of water. A moment later, his lover's hand appears near his head.

When the pet approaches to receive sympathy, his body slips and "disappears". As you can see Instagram, the rapid reaction of the mammal prevents the impact on the ground.

Recording is divided Instagram for the account of the 9GAG virus portal. There he received more than 50 thousand 'hearts' and half a thousand comments in less than 6 hours. Many unexplained people have claimed that an animal can experience serious contusions if it does not act in time.

"This cat almost hits the back. Maybe she did not realize that her friend was in a complicated place. The next time there will be more observers," said the user Instagram.

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