Thursday , May 13 2021

Instagram: This is how Ianet Garcia celebrates her birthday. | VIDEO | Picture 1 of 6 | Shovs | International Shovs

Ianet Garcia She celebrates her 28th birthday and her "Hoi" programmers because her friends are a very special day on her.

Model over Instagram Stories He has received several videos so far, with a few surprises he has received, including his friends singing "Las Mananitas".

During the morning edition of the 'Hoi' program, the production decorated the birthday set Ianet Garcia and Raul Araiza, even made a crib of two floors for both, but what delighted and entertained the hosts was that both of them were both characteristic.

Later Ianet Garcia shares in Instagram an arrangement of roses that was not devoted, but undoubtedly delighted.

Also, when entering your house, Ianet Garcia he shot a video Instagram when he realized that his room was completely decorated with balloons and desserts.


Finally, the model shared the shot in which he smiled and wrote: "It's my birthday!". The publication quickly reached more than 70,000 'characters' and thousands of comments from their supporters Instagram who did not hesitate to send greeting for their day.

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