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Ivan Bulos, a re-cousin who was thinking about leaving football for injury


The Peruvian team was not at the World Cup. It was on October 3, 2017. Tuesday. Seven days there was only the achievement of repurchase. The match had to face Argentina and Colombia, and Ivan Bulos was an option. Suddenly, in a full exercise, he grabbed his right knee forward and fell to the "green". Then the Boavista attacker was taken to a local clinic, and hours later a white-red doctor confirmed what he was afraid of: the front crossed ligament was interrupted.

The operation was carried out a few weeks later, while everyone was thinking about New Zealand, and the recovery was scheduled in Visena. So, when the two are preparing to reach a quota for Russia 2018, he arrived at the San Luis complex on the crates. Although he sometimes went to the field to greet his colleagues, the rest were just the rest in the gym for the purpose of therapy.

When he moved to the classification, he made the decision: speeding up his recovery would convince Ricardo Garec to win a friendly match between friendly matches. "I did not have a guaranteed presence at the World Cup, but I wanted to fight against this possibility. I had to recover in Videna with the fever of the World Cup, everything that hit me, "the attacker said on Tuesday, RPP.

I can not even try to hurry up with the process before Peru. Croatia understood not only that it was futile, but that it hurt. "In March, I decided to stop worrying because I hurt my knee, I had to say" enough "and to accept that there is no chance, it was difficult," he said. Football as a court.

Under the assumption that he would not play at the World Cup and that he would have to advance in the middle of the group that was preparing for the World Cup after 36 years, it was not easy. Even if he had no reason to confess, he thought to leave the football: "There were some moments when it came to my mind to say "I can no longer" but I've overcome it with desire and with people who support me. Positive thoughts were stronger than negative ones. "

A new beginning

Now, completely recovered, Ivan Bulos knows that the worst is over. 10 days ago he played after more than a year. Four years ago, he became a starter and received a call from the FPF. Just a few hours ago, he scored the goal after 20 months, in an important win against Universitario de Deportes.

"There is a mixture of great emotions, I spent a lot of time without scoring and we could win on a difficult field, my return was better than I expected, I am recovered and happy because the body is well-suited. These are the rules of the game and you must accept them, he said.

In the Municipal Depot, he believes that he will fight to the end to try to reach Libertadores. About his future, he confirms that, although step by step, the goal will always be in Europe. At the "village", he is sure he will get revenge. He knows that people call him as much as Beto Da Silva as a possible substitute for Paola Guerrero, but he rather likes to get him on the court.

"We know that the topic is talked about, but we have to show it to goals, there is no need to shout and show it on the field, we have to work hard to get back to the national team, I talked to Nestor Bonil on Monday evening and he told me that they were happy that he came back to play, to watch me, to keep him going, "he said. RPP. It will depend on him.

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