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Juanpa Zurita: "I spend 24 hours a day on my social networks" | VIDEO | TV | Farandula


Juan Pablo Martinez-Zurita, better known as Juanpa Zurita, and Colombians Zaak and Steven Space in an interview for Trade They gave details of the participation they will have at "Entel Media Fest", one of the biggest IouTubers festivals in the world.

"Spencer is DJ and producer from Los Angeles, Saak is a singer from Mexico and we met to make musical performances, as in Europe and the United States, it's a high-energy show and what we're looking for is that people are having fun and they do not stop dancing, "he says Juanpa Zurita.

Entel Media Fest It will be held at Jockei Club Rasadi this Saturday, November 10th, starting at 3:00.

Around that Juanpa Zurita will be present in this edition of Dosogas, Luisito Comunica, Paulette, Martinez Tvins, Lolito, Mangel, The Bullet, Pautips, among others.

Recently, Juanpa was part of the acting role of "Luis Miguel, a series", playing the younger brother of a Mexican singer. In the next interview, the star of social networks is pronounced on his acting aspect, his relationship with social networks, and the interest of Pablo Ruiz to interpret him in his biographical series.

– Before people had to knock on many doors to become famous. Today, it seems that only one camera is needed for it. Is it really as easy as it looks from the outside?
There are simply more options than before, but work and discipline remain the same.

– How many followers do you have on social networks?
If we put all platforms together, about 45 million. A little control passed.

– From the first video you shared in the networks in the present. How much do you think you evolved?
I think my networks have helped me to have a group of people who motivate me and give me the security that is needed to make the next step. My followers are an incredible engine, provoking me to do better every day.

– Interactively with his followers. How many hours do you spend daily on your social networks?
24 hours a day It's not a matter of getting stuck, but you need to know when it's time to spend all the time on that platform.

Do you have restrictions on publishing content?
I follow what I think I like. There are things I'm not passionate about and I'm not publishing them. I like to create things with quality, with certain production and a certain angle.

In the video that follows this note, check out the full interview Juanpa Zurita.

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