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Mario Hart says he will defend his love with Korin


November 10, 2018

Author: Mario Palacios

The pilot and driver ATV Shovs spoke aloud and said he was still happily married to the model Venezuelan.

"This is for all those who want to see us separated, unhappy and who say that he was armed, farce. There is no marriage, less divorce." I am still happy for a spectacular woman and I love him more every day, "he said. real boy

He hinted that there was an open process in the Huaral municipality about that, and half a week they went to a meeting with their lawyer, witnesses of their wedding and the complainant.

"We do not have to hide or run, we will defend our love and what we swear to the authorities. That's why we went to the brakes," he said.

He explained that the judge took over his entire statement and in part he Korin Rivadeneira.

"Everything is suspended due to weather problems. It will resume again in March next year," said a small ek-model.

He firmly added: "But everything is normal, we are fine, I think I'm married, Korina. We love each other with madness and no one or something will separate us. "


The Couple He says that he lives an eternal honeymoon, which shows that his love continues to grow.

Even Mario wished to find out that they already saw their details marriage for the church.

"We already swear before people, now it is necessary that God bless our community. In any case, we will do it, although there is not yet a date, it will be the second year," he said.

They both insisted on calling to order.

"We really died for our son, but let's wait a bit. For everything that happened at the beginning, we are traveling intensively and living in relationships," he said.

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