Monday , May 16 2022

More than 100 companies will offer jobs in Parkue de la Muralla | Lima | Events


The Lima Municipality (MML) announced that this Wednesday, November 21, will be the last one "Employment Festival" years Park wall from 10:00 am, in order to provide opportunities for employment of citizens.

Through the statement, the Municipality of Lima explained that more than 100 companies, state entities and educational institutions such as Adecco, Atento, Hermes, Los Portales, Maestro, Mapfre, Boker, Sodimac, Manpover, Tava and Sodeko will participate in this event. event, promoted by the Management for Economic Development of MML.

Participants will have the opportunity to contact the company directly and pass the electoral process through tests or personal interviews at the same festival or, if they prefer, later in the same facilities of the corporation.

Free seats for administrative, computer, telemarketing, lawyers, social workers and promoters will be available on that day, among other things.

Economic Development Manager, Cristian Rosenthal, stressed that Bolsa's work program is up to date Municipality of Lima through a private company managed to put on and market about 25 thousand people.

This program seeks to improve competitiveness in interviewing candidates, providing recommendations for the development of their biographies and helping them to create self-employment and potentially raise the profile of an employee in the labor market.

Applicants must provide their biography and a copy of their ID card. To register your CV on the web portal of the program, just go to or on the Facebook page Bolsa Laboral – the municipality of Lima.

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