Friday , September 24 2021

Piura: A magnitude 3.8 earthquake shook the region this morning

One earthquake of magnitude 3.8 shook the region Piura this morning, reported the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) On your website.

The quake’s epicenter – felt at 8:00 a.m. – was located 14 miles southwest of Sullana, Just 35 miles deep.

according to the IGP, The remezón was felt with an intensity of degree III in Sullana, Causing alarm to the population.

This move would be a new replica of the magnitude 6.1 earthquake recorded yesterday in the region Piura.

It should be mentioned that during the morning two other tremors were reported, of magnitude 3.8 and 4.0, respectively.

Emergency backpack in the event of an earthquake

Water, non-perishable food and first aid items, among others, must be included in the emergency backpack that the population will use in case of earthquakes, he recalled. National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI).

This backpack with basic items must be loaded at the time of evacuation to face the first day of crisis, and contains a first aid kit and hygiene items such as antibacterial gel (one jar), toilet paper (two units) , hand and face towels (four units) and damp cloths.

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