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Pokemon: Let's go for Nintendo Switch: You must know the cheats before you start playing | Pokemon Go | Video Games


Game Freak It is one of those legendary companies that have brought in our hands various games for almost 30 years. Despite developing a title for Sony, Sega and NEC, is mostly known for its alliance Pokemon Company i Nintendo , with a series of games Pokemon that they started Game Boi.

These titles allow us to enter a fantastic world full of monsters called Pokemon. With the main goal of being captured by all, teachers Pokemon they train them to be stronger and can fight other coaches as sports. Within this world, there is the evil and delinquency he has presented Team Rocket, an association that aims to achieve under any one Pokemon the strongest in the world.

Now, establishing an alliance with Niantic and his mobile video game Pokemon GO , Pokemon: Let's go It offers a hybrid interactive experience between portable games and desktop games. In addition, synchronization with smartphone games next to a new position Poke Ball Plus Make the game an interesting combination between RPG that everyone is accustomed to Game Freak and technological innovation Pokemon GO.

Regardless of whether you are skilled in pokemon video games, just play Pokemon GO or you are just interested in this new franchise address, in this article you will find the best tips to enjoy Pokemon: Let's Go! And take maximum advantage of all the new mechanics it brings.

1. Pikachu and Eevee are also wild Pokemon

Whether you decide Pikachu about Eevee like you Pokemon Initially, this does not mean that you will not find anything else during the game. Mostly in Route 17 you can find more Eevees or in Green Forest the more Pikachu, it depends on you who you chose as a partner.

2. An initial partner can learn exclusive movements.

Despite being able to record other copies of Pokemon, both of them Eevee as Pikachu The initials have the ability to learn several exclusive movements that are very useful during the battle. These are the following:

Pikachu: Pikarotmenta, Pikapicado and Salpikasurf.
Eevee: Leaftobombas, Glaceoprisma, Silveotornado, Vapodrenas, Joltioparalisis, Flarembestida, Umbreosona and Espeaura.

3. The colony forms more Pokemon

In Pokemon: Let's Go! An object called The Coloni was introduced, which serves to attract more wild poppers to a specific location. This element is based on incense Pokemon GO.

4. Pokemon member can find berries

The pokemon that follows our path will not only increase your level, but you can also search and find berries in the wild. The only thing you have to do to collect them is to be careful and to appear a sign of exclamation, your Pokemon has found something.

5. Use the Poke Ball Plus to take a Pokemon walk

Although there is a complement at a glance Poke Ball Plus It's not a great addition to the game, the truth is that you can little by little see your results if you take caught Pokemon for a walk. They will get more experience, levels and will find several objects along the way.

6. You get the experience of collecting and fighting

While one of the main mechanics of raising the level of fighting other coaches, these encounters are limited. The best way to continue developing your Pokemon is to win different wild pokemon high levels and make a good launch at the moment of capture.

7. The relationship with a partner is vital

Having a good connection with your pokemon companion will not only make the game more pleasant, but will also help you with statistics so that some attacks are stronger than others and they release an item from time to time.

8. Pokemon Alola you can get

Alola Pokemon can replace Kanto Pokemon in Pokemon centers. All you have to do is find the right characters that offer you the same type of Pokemon you need to make a change.

9. Trick to catch red and Shini Pokemon

Great Pokemon or variocolor are also found in this new Game Freak video game. The trick to catch them is to make a series of recordings of the same Pokemon until one of these types comes out. The longer the chain, the greater the chance of finding it.

10. MT can be used multiple times

Famous MT or technical devices that help the Pokemon to learn the movement can be used repeatedly in this video game. All you have to do is buy them and you can use them as many times as you like.

11. Save the game before you face the legendary

Remember that if you lose the fight against the Legendary Pokemon, you will not be able to come back and face it again. Remember to always save before you finish admitting to have more than one chance.

12. Hidden Objects

Inside caves or dungeons, it is best to move forward by pressing the action button (A) to collect any object that is not accessible by the naked eye.

13. Maximum use of Pokemon GO

Thanks to our cross-game gaming, we can transfer different poker numbers from the mobile application to a video game so we can finish poker faster.

14. Face Rika every day

Rika will give us with every sign of confrontation to use them and improve the attributes of our Pokemon, in order to face each and every one of them, it is crucial to strengthen friends.

15. Never run out of Poke Balls

Being one of the main mechanics of the game to deal with wild Pokemon and capture, the amount of Poke Balls must always be at the maximum to avoid expulsion from them.

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