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The price of the US dollar in Peru fell at the opening of this Friday’s session, while traders maintained their doubts regarding the debt of the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande and the recent pronouncements of the Peruvian government.

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At 09:12, the exchange rate was quoted at S / 4,104 per dollar in the interbank market, a slight fall of 0.05% compared to S / 4,106 at the close on Thursday, according to Bloomberg data.

The greenback was harmed on the outside after that China inject liquidity into your financial system on Thursday, after that Evergrande announced that he would pay the interest on a national bond.

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However, some forks of their extraterritorial bonds said they had not received coupon payments before Thursday’s deadline. Next week more dollar bond interest matures.

At the local level, uncertainty once again took over the market after the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, Noted that the mining project aunt Maria “It’s not viable” because of “social resistance.”

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In the parallel market or exchange offices of Lima, the exchange rate was quoted at S / 4,100 the purchase and S / 4,125 the sale.


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