Tuesday , October 26 2021

Respawn responds to the rumor that there will be no Titanfall 3


Repeat has reacted to what appeared to be confirmation that Titanfall 3 it is not in the developmental phase insinuating that it could be after all.

It doesn’t take long after a popular game is released for those who love it to start asking when they’re going to have a sequel. In the case of fans of Titanfall, The fifth anniversary of the second installment of the series is approaching and it has not yet been confirmed that a third installment is being prepared. In fact, the community coordinator of Respawn seem to confirm exactly the opposite while answering questions on YouTube this week.

Jason Garsa tell the hopeful players of Titanfall what Repeat it is not currently working on a third installment of the series because it has too many other games underway. Which seemed like a definitive answer about the situation after a bit of ambiguity. However, this ambiguity reappeared hours later when Respawn tweeted in reaction to comments from his community coordinator.

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Contrary to what some report, Titanfall is the core of our DNA. Who knows what awaits us in the futureRespawn tweeted, suggesting there could be a third game after all. The tweet not only stirs the waters again, but its wording is a bit strange. Respawn seems to blame erroneous information, when it was an employee of Respawn who disseminated this information in the first place.

Despite being five years old and having problems with their servers, Titanfall 2 remains popular. However, the continued popularity of a game means nothing when it comes to wanting a sequel. This is evidenced by the angry and anxious crowd to know something, whatever, of GTA 6. GTA Online is as popular as it has always been, and GTA 5 has sold 150 million copies, and continues to grow.

As for the statement that Respawn is busy working on other projects aside from everything related to Titanfall right now, it would be very easy to believe. The next-gen update for Apex Legends should arrive soon, and it’s also working on a new Star Wars game that could well be Jedi: Fallen Order 2. If there’s a Titanfall 3, You may be waiting.

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