Tuesday , May 11 2021

Richard Acuna: "Alan Garcia was the president who met the most corrupt people" Image 1 of 7 | Politics

Alternative Alliance for Progress (APP), Richard Acuna , the former president confirmed this afternoon Alan Garcia He was the president who "met the most corrupt people" in the history of the country. He said he hoped that the former chief of state could prove his innocence in his statement to the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez in the case of line 1 of an electric train.

" Alan Garcia He was the president who most met the most corrupt people in the history of Peru. Therefore, we hope that he has the necessary evidence, because as Peruani we want to know the truth, we want to know if he is guilty and whether he is punished, "he said in a dialogue with Canal N.

Acuna regretted that the final report did not determine the administrative responsibility in the proceedings of Garcia Perez when, according to the parliamentarian, "he was worried that in the government room he assigned a meeting room to Odebrecht."

"[[[[Garcia]You can say this, as the Lava Jato Commission has probably said, but at the same time I do not agree that you do not have administrative responsibility, but […] from my point of view, he could have criminal responsibility because he was in charge of managing the country during those years and he was the one who signed the contracts, "he said.

Richard Acuna

"Alan Garcia was the one who was worried, almost gave the meeting to Mr. Barati, Marcel Odebrecht in the same Palace of Government, was the president who most met the most corrupt people in the history of Peru," he said. Acuna.

As you recall, on Thursday is the former president Alan Garcia will be examined at 10 am in the morning by prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez, as part of the investigation that follows him for the tender from Line 1 Metro Lima to Odebrecht.

The former president has already questioned this case before, he should return to the public ministry to expand his version to various points of his manifestation.

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