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Rolando Reategui at Fuerzi Popular: "The mistake was to underestimate the prosecutor Domingo Perez" | Image 1 of 7 | Politics


He broke the silence. Congressman Popular Force , Rolando Reategui , he was convinced that the mistake of his political group was not transparent in obtaining contributions and underestimating prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez, who supports the Cocktail case.

The lawyer criticized it as a strategy Popular Force to face the judicial situation does not work in a corporate way, but the criminal responsibility of the individual, that is, "everyone is scampering with his own scarf".

"From my point of view, the strategy was to say:" We got the money and it was not illegal in getting political money, it did not mark it within the law, "but it had an indirect cost in moral and ethical," said the lawmaker Rolando Reategui in an interview with Cuart Poder.


Attorney Fuerze Populara, whom he decided not to reveal his name, arrived in the San Martin region to talk to his wife and what he said to him, the congressman warned Rolando Reategui.

"When my wife talks to lawyer Fuerz Popular, the lawyer says to my wife:" There is something strange here, it seems that the strategy of the FP is to blame her husband. "Then, there was a doubt." He said he did not have a leader or did not know the origin of the money.


Rolando Reategui he discovered that he was a victim of covert threats and that he therefore turned off his phones and closed all kinds of communications.

"I am the witness, when I go to San Martin, they tell me they are following you, they are trying to find me a thousand details to hurt me, even in some horse meetings. Some leaders told me they must hurt me as when we became affected here are men? Of course, there are covert threats, "he said.


On his expulsion from the Standing Commission and the Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges, Rolando Reategui He mentioned that these "wrong and wrong decisions" are reminiscent of the spirit of the words "no longer serve me" to support voting.

"When we did what Hysterosis We will compile seven constitutional complaints in one, in which Pedro Chavarri of the five constitutional appeals is the only one we see, why is the difference? I think FP makes stupid mistakes, "the lawyer asked.

"As you entered Popular Force we move the pedestrians and when APRA moves bishops and horses, we do not know how to move the tower. APRA has more political wisdom, with which we fell into the trap for protection Apra because they were the government. "

Another bad decision that warns Reategui that they "underestimated the prosecutor (Domingo Perez) and this is a big mistake, never underestimate the people who do the best."

"When they were imprisoned by Mr. Humale, they were happy for Judge Carhuancho and the prosecutor, and now why are they raping their clothes?" Rolando Reategui asked.

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