Sunday , May 22 2022

Samsung KuickDrive wash the most important prize in the UK


Seoul, November 13 (Ionhap) – Samsung Electronics Co. said on Tuesday that his wiper KuickDrive was named a washing machine for years by a British reviewer Trusted Reviev.

"We awarded an intelligent five-star five-star washing machine in five of our estimates, where it barely boasted, it's great to use the Samsung's innovative KuickDrive drum, which has three blades rotating independently of the drum itself, allowing shorter washing times, he said in the Trusted Reviev report.

The South Korean giant says KuckDrive is distinguished from other washing machines on the market because it reduces washing time to 50 percent without compromising cleaning efficiency.

Other important aspects of the KuickDrive washing machine are the AddVash port, which allows users to add more washing clothes during the process and connect to the SmartThings application, which recommends optimized cycles depending on the type of laundry.

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