Sunday , October 2 2022

T-MEC strengthens Arca Continental


Signing a new trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada will undoubtedly be the last action of great importance for the administration of the president to Enrikue Pena Nieto – It is expected to happen on November 30th.

The agreement will undoubtedly strengthen different sectors, but most importantly, it will bring security among domestic and foreign investors. And right here, one of the things that will be strengthened is the consumer sector, where the Mexican Arca Continental, from Manuel Barragan Morales, one of the biggest bottles for Coca-Cola, has a hand; to the extent that it allows more than 118 million consumers in Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, the United States and Peru to serve today. For example, with the signing of the T-MEC, the continuity of trilateral trade and the development of the country's economy will be ensured, which will positively affect the territories of Arca Continental, one of which is North America, where, in fact, a new plant and distribution center in Houston, Texas, in which he invested $ 250 million.

There, consumption continues strong and it is expected that in the northern border of our country it will create greater dynamism, which is an impetus to this area, according to the priorities of the next government.

In view of this, in the past days Arca Continental has created confidence among domestic and international investors, due to its strength and agility to manage the company globally, in addition to the wide portfolio of products. Just looking good design firms such as Santander, JP Morgan, Fitch Ratings and Barclais, with Monterrei are just looking good.


Mobica, who leads in Mexico Rene Ojeda, announced that last October delivery to Mexico City of the transport authorities of the pilot test results to evaluate "Individual public transport system without bicycle bicycle", which includes user behavior patterns, travel numbers and their destination-destination, among others. Similarly, he submitted the license renewal documentation with which he had been in operation since March 2018 and which allowed more than 180,000 people to use bicycles in order to be easy, easily accessible and sustainable. The company is currently working with the authorities to have fair regulations in CDMKS. Within these capabilities, it is included in the Mexico City Reform Act that specifies the conditions for bicycle-free operation. Mobica uses specially designed bikes equipped with GPS and intelligent patented patented technology. The company officially launched its service in Shanghai in April 2016, and has since expanded its service to more than 250 cities in 20 countries.

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