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When will the ‘Third Vaccination’ be? To speed up and ensure the immunization process against the COVID-19[feminine[feminine in Peru, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) Implemented the strategy called ‘Vaccinate‘, Which consists of inoculating the doses against the coronavirus for 36 uninterrupted hours in people from different population groups.

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During the first day, which took place from Saturday 10 to Sunday 11 July, people aged 47 to 49 were vaccinated, as well as those in arrears of the first dose and people pending the second dose. As reported by the Minsa on its website, during this date 220,602 doses of vaccine against COVID-19 were applied thanks to the work of 887 brigadiers in Lima Metropolitana and El Callao.

As for the ‘Second Vaccination’, which took place from 7:00 am on Saturday 17 July to 7:00 pm on Sunday 18 July, people from 45 to 46 years and other groups pending vaccination: over 47, pregnant women, people with comorbidities and rare diseases and orphans.

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The ‘Third Vacunatón’ will take place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July, Scheduled for people pending the second dose, delayed from the first dose and adolescents 12 to 17 years of age with prioritized comorbidities. Likewise, the Minister of Health, Óscar Ugarte, Announced that people over 40 years they will also be vaccinated on these dates.

The ‘Third Vaccination’, which is next weekend, will maintain the goal of vaccinating the backward, but from next Saturday (July 24) we started vaccinating those aged 40 and over, So that we will move forward“, Reported Ugarte Ubilluz.

If you belong to the groups mentioned, see Vaccination Register; also, if you can, download and fill it out Informed consent format, And bring it on the day of your vaccination to expedite the process.

Remember that you can attend extended hours even during the morning, without restrictions for social immobilization, bringing you your ID.

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‘Vacunatón’: vaccination centers in Lima and Callao

  • Able Mayta Zonal Park – Sant Martí de Porres (also vaccinated)
  • Huiracocha Zonal Park – San Juan de Lurigancho
  • Sinchi Roca – Comas Zonal Park
  • La VIDENA – San Luis (also vaccinated)
  • North Square – Independence
  • Coliseum Peru Japan – Independence
  • Exhibition Park – Closed in Lima
  • Aljovín Vaccination Center – Lima Closed
  • Miller Beach – Lynx
  • Sant Isidre Municipal Sports Complex
  • Carlos A. Moscoso Municipal Stadium – Surquillo
  • Plaza Jockey Center – Santiago de Furrow (vaccination only)
  • Clínica Delgado – Miraflores
  • Gálvez Chipoco Stadium – Barranc
  • Vila María de l’Triomf Sports Complex – VMT (also vaccinated)
  • Villa El Salvador Sports Center (also vaccinated)
  • Ollantaytambo Municipal Stadium – Lligui
  • Monumental Stadium – La Molina (vaccinacar only)
  • Vaccination San Isidro Llaurador – Lligui
  • Municipal Stadium of Santa Anita
  • Campolo Alcalde Stadium – Callao (also vaccinated)
  • Real Felipe – Callao

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COVID-19 vaccination schedule in Peru

Recently, the Government announced the official vaccination schedule for all Peruvians:

  • 30 to 39 years – vaccination between August and October
  • 20 to 29 years – vaccination between September and November
  • 12 to 19 years – vaccination between October and December

The Minsa plans to vaccinate with the two doses to 27.4 million people in total, with the acquisition of 78.7 million doses, of which 59,100,000 will arrive after July 28, according to the Peruvian.

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Minsa: Citizens over the age of 40 will also be vaccinated from 24 July
The Minister of Health, Óscar Ugarte, announced that people over the age of 40 will be vaccinated against COVID-19 from next Saturday 24 July as part of the third vaccination.


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