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thus completing the multi-device function


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When the multi-device feature of WhatsApp was announced, one detail left a long-awaited taste in this long-awaited novelty: it could not be used with several mobile phones at once. Now users of the beta version of this app will be able to try a new option that seems to correct this problem, Although it is not yet known when it will reach all mobile phones in Spain.

Gradually WhatsApp closes the circle of its multi-device feature, which will allow you to chat with friends and family from your computer or Facebook speakers, without your mobile phone being connected to the internet. It will also come to the iPad with iOS.

However, it lacks the ability to link the WhatsApp account between two mobile phones. the medium WaBetaInfo, Has found in the new beta version of what appears to be a second mobile device in the use of the multi-device function.

From mobile to mobile

The screenshot shared by this medium does not give many clues about this novelty, unless the end-to-end encryption that protects all chats is still active. They claim that it is the same screen that appears when trying to pair WhatsApp with the Desktop or desktop version of the computer, but on a second mobile phone.

Capture WhatsApp Beta multidevice

Capture WhatsApp Beta multidevice



This means that you can use the messaging application on another mobile phone, even if the main one is without an internet connection. If you have a mobile phone for work and other staff, WhatsApp can be shared between the two.

When the two devices are paired, WhatsApp syncs chat history with end-to-end encryption, which keeps messages, photos and videos protected from prying eyes. Over time, the app updates conversations on this second device from the WhatsApp server so that it does not depend on the main smartphone which may be turned off or offline.

It would be a very handy option for many users with multiple terminals. Anyway, it is not yet clear how or when it will be applied. WaBetaInfo admits that it could be an exclusive feature for tablets, but that there is no evidence that the feature may not work on mobiles as well.

How it works?

While it is still a feature in testing, many users are testing WhatsApp multi-device support since the beta version. With this feature it is possible to link the WhatsApp account from the main mobile to four devices at once.

How are you

How are you

Adrián Raya


It can be linked with WhatsApp web as has been done so far, WhatsApp Desktop or Facebook Portal. too will be available on iPad so that multi-device support can be used on both Android and iOS.

WhatsApp has already announced the initial limitations that will have this news. For example, you will not be able to send messages or calls to contacts that use very old versions of WhatsApp. Users will also not be able to join new groups from WhatsApp web or Desktop.

Using a QR code, all devices can be linked quickly and easily. The most important thing is that end-to-end encryption is maintained in the synchronization of all devices.

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