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Video Games August 2021: The most anticipated of the month PC | PS4 and PS5 | Nintendo Switch | Xbox One and Xbox X Series

Traveling to feudal Japan, becoming the last samurai and entering a world of adventures and mysteries is what will allow the new edition of Ghost of Tsushima, Which, along with the new delivery of Alien: Fireteam Elite, Are two of the releases of video games most anticipated this August.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut (August 20) is a review of this open-world adventure and action classic, which first came out last year in PS4, And that now escapes the setting of science fiction and mutant characters to evoke a historical past of great veracity.

It will offer notable improvements for its version in PS5, Such as 4K resolution, which will try to reach 60 frames per second, lip sync for Japanese voices and take advantage of the haptic vibration of the DualSense remote control, which will allow less loading time and improvements in the so 3D.

great variety

In addition to this game, the month of August brings with it other very interesting releases such as Alien: Fireteam Elite, An online multiplayer action and shooting game, which promises to be a great success because of the quality of graphics and the way in which the player will have to survive in a world infected by aliens.

It will be available worldwide on August 24 for PC (Via Steam) PS4, Xbox One, PS5 i Xbox Series X | S.

That same day it will also go on sale for PC, PS4 and PS5 Kena: Bridge of Spirits, A game of exploration and platforms that, in addition to a wonderful aesthetic sense thanks to its graphics inspired by 3D animation, brings with it a narrative line also very suggestive, in which the little protagonist will live a myriad of adventures to find the temple of the sacred mountain.

August will also be the month in which the second installment of Psychonauts, A game that has already earned cult status and comes 16 years after its first release with notable improvements, but without losing its colorful essence, “vintage” graphics and its gameplay based on platforms, impossible jumps and a plot line full of humor and psychic espionage.

Psychonauts II will arrive on August 25 and will be available at PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 5 i Xbox X Series | S.

Sport, adventure and skill

For sports lovers, it arrives as well Madden NFL 22, The legendary Electronics Arts game about football that will be available at PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One i Xbox X Series | S on August 20; and, a day earlier, it will also come out for these platforms (more Nintendo Switch) RiMS Races, In which players will be able to ride the most powerful bikes in the world and optimize their performance.

The last day of the month will officially appear New World, The new massive multiplayer role-playing video game from Amazon Games, only for PC, In which the player will forge a new destination as an adventurer who is shipwrecked on the shores of the supernatural island of aeternum.

There is also room for a new version of the quintessential puzzle game: Tetris effect: connected; an “indie” game that also promises to be Highway 96; the version for PS5 from’ Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2; Simulator of Hotel Life a Resort, In which you can head to a hotel in paradise; o Rustlet, A crazy action adventure and open world that mixes humor with the absurd.


Twelve minutes (PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S) It promises to be a ‘thriller’ in which a man is trapped in a twelve-minute time loop, in which all sorts of setbacks take place; and, sometimes with historical scenes, Hades (PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One i Xbox X Series | S), An action adventure inspired by ancient Greece; i Naraka: Bladepoint, A Japanese action “battle royale” for PC.

Finally, other new titles this month will be: King’s Bounty 2, The second installment of this turn-based tactical role-playing game Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC; Godfall, Another role – playing game and fighting for PC i PS4, Inspired by a feudal world of fantasy; i The Falconeer: Warrior Edition, A very action game for Switch, PS4 i PS5.

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