Sunday , May 22 2022

Watch how it will destroy, bend and break iPad Pro with ease


Although we all love technology, it's always a pleasure to see when one of these nice devices is broken. I mean, for something failure with evidence of the fall of Lord Matuk They became so popular.

Mobile phones can not last 15 years, even without program obsolescence

There is an iuber that uses this concept to the maximum expression. His name is JerriRigEverithing and is basically technological sadistic, because he tests with the most popular and sweet devices and destroys them. His latest victim was Apple's new iPad Pro, a tablet that got great comments and that for many it's the best device that came out of Cupertin in the new generation.

What you'll meet is not sweet, Jerry really crashes this poor iPad Pro, but for some reason we are sure he will enjoy it. So, be nice and appreciate this technological sacrifice.

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