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What do experts think about theories that the man never reached the Moon? | picturesque | Curiosities


50 years of arrival at the Moon | Half a century two humans stepped on the moon for the first time … or not? Still, there are those who believe that everything was a setup In the United States, a great lie maintained by thousands of people for 50 years, and give some arguments that refute Efe experts in the matter.

The negationist arguments took shape in the book of the American William Kaysing "We never went to the Moon" (1976) And since the arrival of the Internet, although the reasons remain the same, return to news on a regular basis. But what do those who really know about space?

– ** The Director General of the European Space Agency (IS IN), Jan Worner, remember that once, in a private conversation with an administrator of the # 39; NASA he told him: "Look, we are both alone in a room. You can tell me if you've been to the Moon and he said:" Yes, Jan, simply because making a montage of all this ** would be a lot more expensive& # 39; ".

The historian and Spanish editor Ricardo Artola, author of "The space race: Sputnik in Apollo 11," considers that "The most powerful argument against the negationists" Is that, in the Cold War, if the Soviets had had "Something to take on" To accuse the United States of a mount they would have done it, though "They were not questioned at any time".

The Spanish exatronaut and minister in functions of Science, Pedro Duque, talks about the argument that to the Moon, where the temperatures reach 120 degrees Centigrade, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would have died for the heat.

07/15/14. Photo of the launching of Apolo 11 in Cap Canaveral. (NASA)
07/15/14. Photo of the launching of Apolo 11 in Cap Canaveral. (NASA)

The landing occurred at dawn, when these temperatures did not arrive, explains Duc and more "The only thing that can be at 120 degrees is the first layer of sand", So that there was enough ** __"With a good isolation ** in the sole of the boats" __.

"The space suits, if the sun goes down for a long time, can be heated out, but they are full of layers of insulation; is all thought", Indica Duc, who has been twice in the space: The first to the Discovery ferry (1988) and then to the International Space Station (2003).

– Astrofotograph Rogelio Bernal, the images have been selected 60 times by the NASA As "the astronomical picture of the day," he explains why in the photographs taken by the astronauts, stars are not seen in the sky. For the negationists it must to that the NASA he forgot to put them while the supposed arrival to the Moon was rolling in some secret place.

the photos says Bernal "They were made on a very bright surface of the Moon (it is giving directly to the sunlight), and consequently they are taken from a very short exposure. It is the same as if you were taking a very short photo of the sky at night the stars would not be seen. In fact, if these photos show stars is when one could suspect, at least, mounting ".

– The astronomer of the Southern European Observatory (ESO) Fernando Comerón rejects that the radiation of the Van Allen belts, that surround the Earth and for which Apollo 11 had to pass on his way to the Moon, he would have killed the astronauts.

"In the age of Apollo missions, both the geometry and the intensity of radiation in the belts of Van Allen They had already been measured by satellites with enough precision to reliably assess its impact on manned missions ".

Thus, the trajectories of the missions to the Moon "They were optimized to minimize the exposure of astronauts to high energy radiation" and, in the case of the outer belt, more extensive but with much less intensity of radiation, it crossed in little time "With that, the level of radiation exposure accumulated by astronauts it remained well below the dose of risk ".

President Lyndon B. Johnson and the first lady while watching the release of Apollo 11. (NASA)
President Lyndon B. Johnson and the first lady while watching the release of Apollo 11. (NASA)

– The American astronomer Philip Plait, author of the "Bad Astronomy" website, responds to the most typical argument of the negationists. If there is no atmosphere in the Moon and, therefore, there is no wind, How is it that the flag planted by Armstrong and Aldrin oneja?

"It is not waving, it looks like this by the way it unfolded". The flag hung from a vertical and a horizontal wand, but the astronauts did not get the latter fully unfolded, "Thus the flag did not spread completely. He has a ripple, Like a curtain that is not completely closed ".

Plait says that in subsequent flights to the Moon "The astronauts they did not fully deploy it on purpose because they liked their appearance ".

– Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut to travel to the space, remembers that preparing his mission had "The luck" to coincide with John Watts Young, the ninth man who stepped on the Moon.

"John was not an actor. I would not have lent himself to a fictional exercise, and that's the way others (…). Certainly, the astronauts` protagonists of this adventure they were not actors, But real people ".

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