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A Raini Dai Plailist – Ten songs for wet weather


If there is one thing that basically defines the experience of living in Britain, it's raining. In particular, the curious ability to experience all four seasons during the day only through a walk to shops, but also the way rain – its absence, its immediacy or recent presence – is such an important subject matter debate for the inhabitants of these looted islands.

As the temperature falls, and the days are shorter during Christmas, we have recorded ten songs about rainy days – but also in autumn and winter, cold and wind, and we are completing in the hot rainwater paster on the window. Some do not care about time, but simply about moving one day at a time, which is in the shelter of the elements.

The Doors – Riders On The Storm & # 39;

Starting from a soft thunderstorm and rainfall, the quiet surroundings of "Riders On The Storm" is a classic rock classic, but his helpless text of the killed lunatics makes it subtly disturbing. This famous epic appeared as the last trail on the last album Doors in the life of Jim Morrison, Л.А. Voman.

The Beatles – Rain & # 39;

This absolute gem of the Fab Four song remains unknown, at least along with many of their most famous songs. "Rain" is B-side of a "Paperback Verter" from 1966, and it was shot at the same time with great praise that year Revolver album. With its uncomfortable, mild sea rhythm, gymnasiums and some quiet psychedelic Lennon lyrics, it's a great song that is hiding in the ordinary way!

Travis – "Why does it always fall on me?"

Travis's career-defining song, which made her breakthrough album The Man Vho from a modest commercial success to millions of homes in 1999, he had to make progress. The rejuvenation and softening of the appeal – Rock Radiohead into a somewhat wider, attractive, package was completed by that memorial choir.

Buddi Holli – "Raining In Mi Heart"

Tucked avai on the B side of 1959's single "It Does not Matter Animore", this lushli orchestrated Buddi Holli tune is one of the most spectacularly miserable pop songs of all time. With its shielded sequences that evoke rain rains fall into the author's soul while trying to put on a brave face for the outside world, it really should be in its own right.

Ann Peebles – "I can not stand the rain"

Then she entered the Top Five Eruption kick in the late seventies, and then Tina Turner for her massive success Private dancer album, American singer Ann Peebles first recorded this picturesque and sensual path in 1973, and since then, dozens of times have been sampled.

Pogues – "Rainy Night in Soho"

One of the most adorable romantic moments in the catalog is often remembered for several fun songs, "Raini Night In Soho" is a slow dancer decorated with orchestra and fine canvas. Singer and songwriter Shane MacGovan and producer Elvis Costello turned their heads over the final mix, allegedly, but what resulted in the diamond tape that became a small hit in 1986.

Blur – & # 39; This is a low & # 39;

Right near the end of the glittering panto-Britpop from Blur in 1994 Parklife was an amazing shov-stopper in "This Is A Lov", from the most beautiful moments of the band. It is set on the backdrop for the background and the defeating chorus, Albarn's texts to which it relates "Subunits blocked at the port" is an unusual challenger for rainy days and weekends. Sublime.

Nick Drake – "The North Sky"

The late national singer Nick Drake, now much more famous posthumous than he had ever been during his lifetime, while living almost total darkness, wrote more than his good work of beautiful songs that stopped the heart. The "Northern Sky", whose gentle, dark sound provokes the same wind and rain as her title, was one of his very, best.

Trash – "Just Happy When It Stays"

A single single from the single album "Only Happy When It Was 1995" shone the gray moment of joyful life in the outsiderdom, jumping up and down in the rain while everyone else covered.

Rihanna ft. Jai-Z – Umbrella & # 39;

Of course this will be on this list! The track, which spent ten consecutive weeks at the top of the chart chart in the UK in the summer of 2007, "Umbrella" is absolutely attached to feel good, even while the heavens are outdoors.

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