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After cutting LIMES, the woman suffers from terrible burns


If you are thinking about making daisies this summer, you should not only worry about lime juice.

Because a woman developed enormous and painful blisters for her hands after squeezing a load of lemons to make cocktails for her family.

    Courtney Fallon had


Courtney Fallon had "tightened hundreds of lemons" before falling to the sunCredit: Wikicommons / Katykidk

Courtney Fallon had taken the "hundreds of limes" to make daisies for a family event.

He went to Florida for a vacation weekend and, after finishing the preparation, spent the rest of the day in the pool.

The prevention reports that Courtney woke up to find her felt hands as if they were "in flames" – and not as a result of sunburns.

It turned out they were covered with extremely painful red ballots.

"Margarita burn"

The condition of the skin is so common that it is known as "daisy."

Known medically as phytotodermatitis, it happens when certain chemicals in plants, especially those found in citrus fruits, make the skin become ultra sensitive to the sun.

It is essentially a severe chemical reaction in sunlight.

When exposed to UVA light, chemicals generate a photochemical reaction on the skin, damaging skin cells and eliminating them.

Reactions can vary from person to person, from redness to blistering and cream.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, of the Mount Sinai Hospital, told Prevention that the biggest culprit was the lemons, but that lemons, celery and parsley also contain the triggers.

How to avoid it

The objective that could be done would be to try to avoid any contact with citrus juice if it is sunny or if you are planning to spend time in the open air.

If possible, wear gloves.

And remember always that you go to sun cream before going outdoors: be sure to really cover all the hands and arms that have contact.

To calm the symptoms, you should visit your GP who can recommend topical steroids to reduce inflammation and itching.

After a couple of weeks, bottles should have decreased a bit and skin spots could develop.

Whatever you do, do not choose or hide hardened skin, but you want to keep it there to prevent skin from drying and scarring.

And you want to avoid putting skin damaged in the sun.

Therefore, if you are planning to make juice or cocktails this summer, do not forget to wash it thoroughly and drain to the sunscreen before leaving.

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