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Cebu City leads the number of new active Covid cases in Region 7

CENTRAL Visayas had a total of 151 recently reported cases of Covid-19 on Sunday, January 24, 2021—81 from Cebu City, 25 from Mandaue City, 19 from Cebu Province, 15 from Negros Oriental, 10 from Lapu-Lapu City and one from Bohol.

In terms of the total number of active cases, Visayas Central had 2,531 active cases: 903 from Cebu city, 722 from Negros Oriental, 536 from Cebu province, 230 from Mandaue city, 115 from Lapu city -Lapu, 22 from Bohol and three from Siquijor.

In addition, 23,433 total recoveries and 1,461 deaths were recorded in the region.

With the increase in the number of cases, DOH 7 spokeswoman Dr. Mary Jean Loreche urged citizens to be disciplined in monitoring health protocols, especially with a new variant that is said to be highly transmissible.

DOH 7 awaits the result of genome sequencing of samples taken from three suspected UK variant cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Due to the rise in cases in the region, Loreche said it would not be surprising that the variant is already in the central Visayas.

In Cebu City, city councilor Joel Garganera said the 97 new cases were registered on Saturday, Jan. 23, which was the highest daily case recorded since the city was placed under modified community quarantine. general in August 2020, they came from 36 barangays.

“It’s widespread,” Garganera said in an interview Sunday.

The deputy chief director of the city’s emergency operations center said that as of Saturday, 60 of the city’s 80 barangays reported Covid-19 transmissions.

“Blockade” of Guadalupe

Barangay Guadalupe, which has implemented strict quarantine policies to curb the transmission of Covid-19, recorded the highest number of cases in the city with 50.

Guadalupe Barangay captain Michael Gacasan said the cases are spread across 30 locations.

For two Sundays from 24 January, Barangay’s establishments will remain closed, except for essential establishments such as restaurants, pharmacies and remittance centers.

Curfew and the use of quarantine steps will be strictly implemented in the next two weeks.

Only authorized people outside the residence (Apor) and those people who have essential errands can go out on Sunday.

Gacasan said the establishments have complied so far.

He said they arrested ten residents, mostly minors, for violating community quarantine rules.

He said the offenders were transferred to the Barangay Tejero celebration area.

“Kasagaran rasonan ta og palit og (most were buying) tea with milk. Buying milk tea is not so essential, ”Gacasan said.

The total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city has reached 11,861 with 10,257 recoveries. The death toll is 702.

According to EOC data, 55 percent of the city’s 903 active cases are “new cases,” Garganera said.

“New cases” refer to individuals who tested positive without direct exposure to a positive individual. The remaining 45% is considered close contact with a first to second degree of exposure to positive individuals.

Across the country, the DOH headquarters reported nearly 2,000 new cases on Sunday.

These increased the total number of infections last week from 18 to 24 January to 13,042, slightly higher than the 12,887 cases reported during the week of 11 to 17 January.

Average cases

The average number of cases was 1,863 a day last week, compared to 1,841 a day the previous week.

In its case report published at 4pm on Sunday afternoon, the DOH released 1,949 new infections, bringing the cumulative number of cases to 513,619.

The largest number of cases came from Davao City (99), Quezon City (98), Cavite (74), Baguio City (73) and Leyte (63).

There were an additional 53 deaths, which raised the number of Covid-19 deaths to 10,242. The mortality rate remained at 1.99 percent.

The agency also reported 7,729 recoveries according to its time-based recovery scheme, which declares as recovering people with no symptoms of coronavirus asymptomatic for at least 14 consecutive days.

The “mass recovery” of 7,729 on January 24 was almost 32% higher than the 5,868 recoveries reported a week ago on January 17.

New recoveries raised the total to 475,612 as of Sunday.

On January 23, a total of 24,619 tests were performed, of which 1,065 or 4.3 percent tested positive.

Globally, infections approached 99 million. As of 3 p.m. Sunday, the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center tracker showed more than 98.75 million cases worldwide, including more than 2.12 million deaths.

The Philippines, with 511,679 cases on January 23, ranked 32nd in terms of number of infections.

The United States continued to record the highest number of cases at almost 25 million, followed by India with 10.65 million, Brazil with 8.8 million, Russia with 3.66 million and the United Kingdom with 3.62 million . / (KFD, JJL, MVI / SunStar Philippines)

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