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Do not keep breathing in Jordan Clarkson playing Gilas in the World Cup


CHICAGO – Three of the brightest stars in the NBA had command actions that helped shape the recently completed NBA season of 2018-19 as one of the ages.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, from Milwaukee, won the MVP honors in the league. Nikola Jokic from Denver was named by the first NBA team, while Ben Simmons, for a great purpose, played well enough to make a Philadelphia Philadelphia 76ers bid worth $ 170 million worth of five years.

In addition to being proud of Greece, Serbia and Australia, respectively, these colleagues also share one thing in common: they will play for their national teams in the FIBA ​​World Cup in China as of next month.

But breathing is not necessary because Jordan Clarkson adapts to Gilas Pilipinas in the mentioned tournament.

Jordan is currently in Los Angeles for off-season training, and while her mother's mother is always in her heart, she is now focusing her mind and body in the next season of 2019-20, her last contract when It will charge 13.4 million dollars. the Cleveland Cavaliers, their current entrepreneurs who inherited the $ 5 million five-year agreement they signed with the LA Lakers in July 2016.

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In previous interviews and social networking announcements, it is no secret that Jordan is willing to play in the Philippines next to his "brothers". This desire has not changed, but seeing it materialize in the World Cup is very unlikely.

"We look forward to the decision of Fiba and we will not speculate on anything else at this time. Finally, we are humble, grateful and blessed for the opportunity God placed in him, Amen," Jordà's father Mike told me. via Facebook messenger last week.

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Samahang Basketball n Pilipinas (SBP) has worked relentlessly for Jordan to be designated as a local and, therefore, has been able to play with Gilas, but Fiba has not yet decided on this issue, leaving Clarkson to the limit.

Even then, the issue of Jordan Fiba eligibility is a small rod in comparison to the obstacles that I face as a NBA player.

"Ultimately, the league can not push its foreign players to participate in national competitions," Adrian Wojranowski wrote in a piece of August 2014 for The Vertical.

However, the San Antonio Express-News he obtained a note from the NBA in 2014 that stated that "players can not participate with a national team in training or competition activities when there is a reasonable medical concern that this participation will put the player at substantial risk, illness or any other damage ".

When Antetokounmpo did not take charge of playing in Eurobasket in 2017, the Greek basketball federation accused Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA of "injuring the knee."

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Some called it a conspiracy. I saw it as a franchise that was very careful while protecting its main asset.


In addition to the concern that the NBA insurance policy does not cover injuries suffered by players when participating in FIBA ​​events, NBA teams are also skeptical about the care their players receive from their teams nationals

"In the especially poorer countries, they do not always have the national team's doctor in the tournament, and they are using an independent doctor who may or may not have experience with sports injuries or the understanding of the risk rewards. a man to play who has a $ 100 million contract, "Spurs GM RC Buford said on a Yahoo! account Sports interview

Given these factors, it is likely that the Cavaliers ask Jordan to cool down. After all, it is his second highest scorer at 16.8 points per game and, potentially, a great part of his future moving forward. Why play with the fire?

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THE NBA ECONOMY ROBUSTE It turned out to be a reward for Jordanian comparable gauge guards during this current free agency period.

Malcolm Brogdon signed an agreement of four million dollars of 85 years with the Indiana Pacers. Patrick Beverley will stay with L.A. Clippers for three years worth $ 40 million, while Tomas Satoransky has agreed to a three million dollar deal with the Chicago Bulls for three years.

There is no way of knowing how much Jordan will reach the open market, but its overall improved performance (16.8 points, 3.3 rebounds and 4.4 assists for) and reliability (81 of 82 games played) will allow its new representation, Klutch Sports, defends an extremely lucrative agreement on his behalf.

As noted by Mike Clarkson, his son is "considered the second best man in the League (statistically speaking) behind Lou Williams. We hope to see how things are formulated," he said.

This brings us to an earlier point.

Assuming that both the FIBA ​​and the NBA will give it a green light for the World Cup, Jordan Clarkson is willing to risk an injury that could diminish its value, or worse, reduce it as the next Isaiah Thomas , who was a free agent that was approaching the line to get a massive Agreement before hurting the hip and setting a one-year dollar worth of $ 2 million with the Denver Nuggets last season?

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Jordan should not worry about turning his back to Gilas once. We will understand We know how much our country estimates, an affection that has been so hot and with a lot of energy.

J.C. It's blood and it will always be if you wear a Gilas uniform or an NBA shirt.

We do nothing of an obligation to honor the meaning of nationalism. This is simply a matter of common commercial meaning.

What would you do?

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