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Formula 1: Levis Hamilton wins in Brazil, Mak Verstappen was angry after falling the costs of his race


November 12, 2018 08:52:37

Formula 1 champion Luis Hamilton saw victory in his wing at the Grand Prix in Brazil, as his Mercedes team won the title of constructors for the fifth consecutive year.

Key points

  • The Mercedes team got the title of Formula 1 constructors with the victory of Levis Hamilton in Brazil
  • The win gave Mercedes a double ride with the headline of Formula 1 drivers Levis Hamilton
  • Red Bull driver Mak Verstappen led, but was taken over by Esteban Ocon Force Force India

The win was Hamilton's 10th season and 72rd career. For the fifth time, the British won the title of the driver.

Hamilton started on the back, but it was not Red Bull's Mak Verstappen, which led to a collision with Force India, and Esteban Ocon had already moved him to spin, bringing the champion back in front.

Verstappen finished second, he was still on the bench, while Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was third.

Verstappen, a winner in Mexico two weeks ago, was left to stand on the second step on the podium, but the Dutchman knew that was the main step.

The crash was the point of conversation that day, from the arguments on both sides and the furious shot at the paddock.

Ocon was given a 10-second punishment to trigger a collision, but this was not a consolation for Verstappen, whose written language over radio had mostly fallen asleep for television viewers.

Verstappen managed to stay in the race after the incident and came close to Hamilton in the final round, but that was not enough for his second consecutive victory.

"I hope that I can not find him now in the rain," said Verstappen of Ocon, who finished 15th.

When the Dutch finally saw Ocon, in post-racial scales, things became more physical with the Red Bull driver who is confronting young French people and helping him.

"You are doing well, walking through the field, we had a great car, then it was taken out by such an idiot while he was pounding it. I have no words," said Verstappen.

Day worsened by Verstappen. After confrontation with Oconom in the garage, the Dutch driver had to appear before the managers and was punished for spending two days in the community "in the direction of the FIA" in the next six months.

"While they are sympathetic to Verstappen's passion, Stewards have determined that the athletes' obligation at this level is to adequately and exemplarily work for other drivers at all levels and discover that Verstappen has failed in this regard," the FIA ​​said in a statement.

In the meantime for Hamilton and Mercedes, it was a celebration of time.

"That's it. It's a double, mate, MercedesAMG are world champions," he told Hamilton when he took a charismatic flag after a race over his tires and engines.

"It was an incredible journey with them, that's what everyone was doing all year," said an ecstatic 33-year-old as the celebrations began with one race.

"I've always been telling you how honored I am driving for them. Today was the best style we could have done because we fought, we had problems to the end."

Only Ferrari had previously managed to win five championships in a row, taking six times in a row during Michael Schumacher's era from 1999 to 2004.

With both titles completed, only pride will be on the line in the final of the Grand Prix season for a two-week time in Abu Dhabi.

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