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Google Picel 3 KSL Reviev: The new Google smartphone may be the BEST phone you can get in 2018

Pic 3 KSL Reviev: Google's leader can be the BEST phone you can get in 2018

Google's Pixel 3 KSL Reviev: Google's new leading device may be the BEST phone you can get in 2018 (Image: DS)

Google has gone a long way from launching the original Pikel phone two years ago.

Since the company has relinquished its reliance on manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola to provide its phones, Google has achieved a steady increase in quality and delivers technology that rivals even Apple and the leading brands of the iPhone.

Google's Pixel 3 KSL – released earlier this month – is definitive proof that Google can respond with the largest and best phone manufacturers there.

In spite of the criticisms made by the phone thanks to a notoriously stuck-in on the top of the screen, we are convinced that Picell 3 KSL is one of the best phones we've ever used and we give everything that is random or hardcore user will want and need – be it a camera , usability, battery life, or presentations.

(Image: DS)

(Pic: Google)

Let's start with the best things about Pixel 3 KSL: the camera.

You will see addresses on the Internet and on your social media that announce that the Pikel 3 and Pikel 3 KSL cameras are best there. And that's why there is a reason: Google somehow managed to make an exemplary camera in Pikel 2 KSL even better, and whether you take portraits of shooting or shooting the viewpoint of a sunny village in the middle daylight, Pikel 3 delivers.

I'll go on: this is something I've ever recorded on my mobile phone at Piccolo 3 (you can see some embedded in this article). Thanks to Google postprocess and HDR magic, the phone can even "save" bad photos or snaps that you can convert.

Portrait mode is better than most other phones: Google technology manages to erase front and background with minimal effort, and even if the subject is different in background color, the phone will effortlessly select them.

Photobooth and Top Shot round up a camera that is used by professional users and youngsters. We even had objections from our colleagues about how criminals and "professional" images we recorded at the events or the launch of the products we attended were.

So, as far as road tests are concerned, you can take it from us: this camera can make amateur phone snipers look like professionals.

(Image: DS)

What are the performance of Picell 3 KSL?

For those who care about specifications and jargon, you would want to know that Pikel 3 KSL is powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor, has 4GB of memory, 64GB or 128GB of storage, and a battery of 3.430mAh.

What does it mean in the real sense? Well, this Snapdragon 845 means you'll see incredibly quick start bits, minimal slowdowns when using even the coolest applications (we have a PlaiStation emulator that works on the phone for a separate function on the page, and Picel 3 feeds flawlessly, without lying or slowing down, even on advanced games).

Everyday applications – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vhatsapp and so on – all work without problems. Performance remained smooth during the months we tested on the phone, even when we ship a 64GB model to capacity

(Image: DS)

How is Pikel 3 KSL batteries?

As far as the battery life is concerned, we are impressed. Starting from the original KSL Pixel to KSL-3 Pikel, I'm calm that I do not have to "babysit" a handset – the 2016 model requires about two billing per day, but 3 KSL – for the entire month I had – it was not supposed to be charged at all of the day.

For the context, I usually leave the house about 8 am and go home at 6 pm, and if I go (and use Google Maps for navigation, playing Pokemon GO on the road, playing music through Spotifi on my Bluetooth headset), the battery holds it.

The battery never failed me – even in the evening, when I went straight from work to the gig, then to a nightclub, and then at home.

Managing the Uber Call at 4 am with a 13% battery left after heavy use of the phone all day? That's what I would call reliable.

(Image: DS)

What Pikel KSL 3 likes to use?

Thanks to the special version of Android that Google uses on Picell phones, there's an extremely small pile.

After I've used different Samsung or Huawei phones in the past few years (Samsung Galaki S8, Huawei P20 Pro), I am convinced to say that Pikel 3 has the best version of Android you can use on today's market.

Despite the lack of some obvious customization features (for example, robust options for a reusable battery), the phone offers one of the most demanding, most-readable UI experiences you'll likely see on the mobile phone market in 2018.

The UI is clean, responsive, easy to understand, and the only things that come in the previously loaded phone are essentially Google tools. Considering that I use Google Docs on a daily basis, to have a Gmail account as my personal and work email, and to use the Google startup setting in my apartment, I can be a bit biased towards the flawless integration of the phone into my everyday routine.

But if, like me, you are a Google service user, this phone could not sincerely enter your life in a more efficient way.

(Image: DS)

(Image: DS)

So, are there any drawbacks for Picell 3 KSL?

As for the durability of battery, performance and reliability, this phone is – sincerely – a beast.

But there are some reminders to keep in mind if you are thinking of picking them up. We know that the phones are as big as physical appearance these days, and Google Kick 3 KSL looks great.

But you have to take care of this: the rear glass of the device is silky smooth on the touch due to the special kind of coating that Google used, but it is very easily scratched. Of course, you can scratch scratches, but one interaction with a zip or a button on the sleeve and you are scratched. The same goes for the front screen – although it's a bit harder to mark it. Be warned.

The top side of the glass transition back means that you can charge your phone in the short term via wireless charging.

Also, you would want to keep in mind that this phone does not offer you face recognition – the top spot on other manufacturers' leading devices (iPhone Ks and its successors, OnePlus 6, Honor 10 and Galaki S9 have this technology).

Thanks to the sensor and fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, we do not think that most of the problem is. Just be aware that for the smartphone in 2018, it's a little weird that Pikel 3 KSL does not have this feature.

(Image: DS)

Google Pic KSL 3 – Judgment

Google Pixel 3 KSL delivers in every key area we care about on a mobile phone: it has a stunning camera (one of the best in the market), has an excellent battery and is fast, smart and easy to use.

Although it may not offer many massive steps forward from the 2017's Pikel 2 / Pikel 2 KSL, it certainly boasts of some key quality of life and several impressive revisions of everyday functions.

You will probably live without Picell 3 KSL if you are coming from the leading 2017 smartphone – it's not that much better than what was offered last year – but if, like me, you come from 2016 or earlier, there is a night and day difference.

Every professional who uses Instagram data will see improvements in everyday life with this phone in their hand, and even occasional users will benefit from the superb battery life, solid screen and fast, smooth interface.

And do you know what's on the top of the screen in which there are dual camera fronts? It will not bother you, as you get used to the phone. Promise.

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