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Google Picell 3 users complain about overheating problems, devices that turn off


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Posted: November 12, 2018 11:40:56

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Google Pikel 3 users report overheating problems, which also cause the device to mute. Users have switched to Reddit, the Google Product Forum and Twitter to complain about the latest problem with the new Pikel phones.

Report of 9to5Google, also divides Pictur 3 images that emit a message that the device is warm and switched off due to heat. In Google product forums, users have published a problem in detail.


One message says: "I see the problem of overheating while continuously using the camera for 5-10 minutes and a video call to vhatsapp (15-20mins)." The user also shared a warning screen warning that the phone is overheated. Google is yet to issue a statement of the problem.

Another post in the forum notes that Pic 3 begins to heat up when a user has an open camera application. Some have reported that the device is warming up in less than an hour, which leads to the battery getting out quickly. Others also announced on Twitter that Pic 3 is warming up when charging with the company's new wireless charger.

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Check out the tweets for the problem of pixel 3 below

Some users have said that video streaming or playing music while the phone is on charging, causing the device to overheat and eventually shut down. on the Reddit users have announced that overheating and shutdown occur during a video call.

One user said it happened during the VhatsApp call, and the other time during the Zoom call. Another comment said that they also face it on Picell 3, and in their case, using the video chat application LINE causes a problem.

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It also seems that the problem exists regardless of the charger being used. Whether it's an official Picell 3 charger, a Google pixel stand, or a third party charger. Google still needs to confirm whether it will issue a fix for the problem.

The latest worry about overheating on the Pikel 3 series comes after users complained about memory management issues with applications that were killed in the background, an application for a camera that does not save some photos, an error that caused an additional comma on the Pikel 3 KSL page as and sound problems.

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