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Honda discovers five new medium-sized motorcycles on EICMA 2018


Honda announced its European line of motor models at the EICMA show in Milan in 2019, with the introduction of two new model names and three extensively upgraded models that bring new energy to the middle part of Honda's unique wide and deep line of products.


After presenting the CB1000R, CB300R and CB125R Trio Goa for the 2018, Honda now brings its unique Neo Sports Cafe look to the middle arena. The style language is "modern and minimalist, combining the inspiration of coffee shop and super-compact trapezoid" shape to a striking effect. The in-line four-cylinder engine is fully displayed, with signature lights and a glossy fuel tank highlighting the feel of the Neo Sports Cafe family.

The top-of-the-line looks come with top-of-the-line specifications: 41mm Shova at the top of a more separate function, four-spoke front brakes with working support, Honda Selectable Torkue Control, auxiliary / sliding coupling and ultra-modern instruments.

The result is a desirable bare medium weight with a unique combination of looks, performance and top specifications.


Another new name on the Honda line is the CBR650R sports weight.

It has a new style that draws heavily on the CBR1000RR Fireblade for sharp, aggressive lines and extended side covers, plus super-short rear and narrow dual LED headlamps. The CBR650R is 6kg lighter than the CBR650F (which replaces it) with a sporty driving position thanks to the steering wheels that move 30mm in advance, and the feet move both back and forth.

Classically, the Honda's four-cylinder engine is more than 1000rpm, which produces 5 percent more top power with a premium output of 94 bhp, which comes at 12,000 rpm, which ensures that along with the design and twisted chassis the new R & # 39; The tag is well-deserved.

A conversion of 47 bhp will also be available for the CB650R and CBR650R.

CB500F, CBR500R and CB500Ks

Honda's lively, parallel, double 500cc engine has been sold to over 75,000 motorcycles in Europe since its arrival in 2013.

After arriving for the first time in the A2-CB500F, CBR500R and CB500Ks CB500F, for 2019, the engine has a stronger power and a torque of three to seven thousand rpm, and releases a lightweight middle trio in upgraded packages with more specifications and a more powerful roadster- sports, and adventure of identity.

All three models now have a new rear suspension, auxiliary / sliding clutch, fully LED illumination, upgraded LCD instruments with a gear position and shift indicator as well as a new double output silencer for a richer engine bracket.

The CB500F roadster has a sharper new styling from the front to the background, with more inclined carriers and side doors that are often blocked with a fuel tank. The CBR500R has also been changed: it's narrower and sharper with a powerful Fireblade style inspiration and a sporty driving position.

The CB500Ks compact adventurer, meanwhile, has a much stronger X-factor "thanks to the new 19-point front, longer front and rear ride, dashboard, wider steering angle and stiffer, sharper rings that also enhance wind protection.

The 500cc and 650cc motorcycle platforms account for 35% of the sales of Honda motor vehicles in Europe. These five new products for the year 2019 provide a well rounded balance of exciting medieval performance for drivers of all levels of experience while providing potential stairs for Hond's main roadster, adventures and sports models.

Also found in EICMA are many other product updates:

CBR1000RR Fireblade and CBR1000RR Fireblade SP

After a complete modification of the model in 2017, Fireblade's Nekt Stage Total Control was improved in 2019 with changes in its electronic package focused on the performance of the optimal circuit. Thus HSTC and ABS were modified, and the Upper setting was increased based on the entry from the HRC MotoGP program. Honda Selectable Torkue Control and Vheelie control functions are now separated, with a new indicator on the instrument panel.

Grand Prik Red has a thicker white tape for slightly more tricolor effects, while the metal version of Matt Ballistic Black Metallic is now completely black, except for the red CBR logo.


Since it was urgent on its arrival in 2017 and upgraded in 2018 with a multifunctional Honda Selectable Torkue Control and a G & A switch for more gear changes from its Dual Clutch Transmission, for the 2019 Honda Motorcycle SUV. in new colors including striking camouflage green.

GL1800 Golden skirt

For more than 40 years, the Gold Ving has been synonymous with comfort, luxury and long-range quality. It has been redesigned from the 2018 wheels to be sharper, lighter and more compact, retaining its reputation as a technological flagship with a number of new features including the first adoption of the Apple CarPlai on a motorcycle .

For 2019, both the GL1800 Gold Ving and the Manual Transmission Gold Ving Tour will be available in new wisdom & # 39; Darkness Black metallic color. At the top of the Gold Ving Tour with Dual Clutch Transmission will be available in the new Pearl Havkeie Blue.


For 2019, a long-standing, popular, high-quality medium-size scooter is newly equipped with Honda Selectable Torkue Control and Smart's Top Hook connected to its remote key.

Further color updates

CB1000R Honda's main model Neo Sports Cafe gola model will be available in the sharp new Svord Silver Metallic color, both in standard form and in the CB1000R + version with a wide range of factory-customized accessories including heating handles, aluminum bumper panel and rear hugger panel , fliscreen, one-way seats, refrigerator radiators with logo CB1000R and quicistifter.

Rebel Honda's unique 500cc car will be available in the new Pearl Cadet Grays and Matt Akis Grei Metallic.

Integra the new Pearl Glare Take the machine that integrates the usability of the scooter and the dynamic performance of the motorcycle.

NC750Ks dark silver color for the superb practical 750cc machine.

SH125 and SH150 Black (Silver for White) front panels and floor slabs add an extra class to a premium scooter.

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