Sunday , June 13 2021

Miss Universe Singapore was born and raised in PH until she was 11 years old

Screengrab from Miss Universe’s Facebook page

Did you know that the Singapore candidate for the 69th Miss Universe was born in the Philippines and grew up here as a child?

Belle Ong, producer and DJ, made this revelation in her video presentation of the pageant.

“I actually came from the Philippines, I was born there and I grew up until I was 11,” he said.

“In between, I also lived a year or two in Hong Kong,” he added.

Now based in Singapore, Ong said she was able to “really appreciate the different roots of my importance of being a Filipino Chinese, but also of being an immigrant in [a] very modernized but traditionally focused community “.

He went on to talk about his new passion for DJing, which he discovered during the closing.

“During the first two months we were here in Singapore, I started playing with music,” he said. “Because I feel like music is a source of inspiration for a lot of people, especially at a time when there’s so much uncertainty and it doesn’t feel at all like before.”

Ong will compete against Rabiya Mateo of the Philippines and other candidates for the Miss Universe pageant in Florida on May 16 (May 17 in Manila).

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