Saturday , February 27 2021

NASA also offers the best look on the surface of the Bennu-BGR space rock

The NASA NASA OSIRIS-REx probe has been quite a year long. After initially reaching the space rock known as Bennu in early December, the ship ended 2018 successfully in its orbit around the object, causing Bennu to be the body smaller than any other He had spoiled a spaceship.

Now, as NASA is preparing for what is going to be a month's asteroid investigation, the OSIRIS-REx team has revealed the most impressive images of the rock so far. Captured orbit for NavCam's image probe tools, the photos give us a better look at the surface of Bennu.

The pair of photographs that NASA makes available for sale are incredibly detailed and clear, showing the rocky surface of Bennu covered with different size debris. OSIRIS-REx, who will eventually have to choose a point where to trap a sample of asteroid material, will have his work cut by him as he does to avoid the numerous toothed rocks that we see here.

Image source: NASA / Goddard / University of Arizona / Lockheed Martin

"These two OpNav images of the southern hemisphere of Bennu, which have a time of exposure of about 1.4 milliseconds, were captured on January 17 from a distance About a mile, "writes NASA. "They have been cut and the contrast has been adjusted to improve the surface characteristics."

To give you a better sense of the size of the asteroid and the smaller objects on the surface, NASA says that the large rock that is seen in the second image published above has an approximate width of 165 feet.

OSIRIS-REx will spend approximately the following year studying the surface of the asteroid and taking several readings that will return to Earth. Finally, the spacecraft will perform a delicate maneuver of example production and then fly to Earth to deliver material to eager scientists.

Image source: NASA / Goddard / University of Arizona / Lockheed Martin

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