Monday , January 17 2022

Observational nuggets of the Thunder triumph 123-95 against the Warriors


ALL THE POOR KEVON LOONEY A PICK-AND-ROLL. This is where the Warriors lost more to Green, but that is not Schroder's concern. This was the Schroder-for-Carmelo Anthony dream he realized This is what Schroder, who is really a starting guard that plays behind a fender of the Hall of Fame, can do it to the second units all year round.

However …

*At first, Schroder was fighting, up to a match of three points at 32-31. Then, this tear and silk float returned and I only had that feeling that I had returned.

*Then, Westbrook found him through a labyrinth of weapons to capture and shoot 3 in transition. Schroder fought hard in Westbrook's return against the Kings and for almost a quarter of a quarter, but returned to the second quarter against the Warriors and never came out.

*I do not think Westbrook did not realize that Schroder was fighting. During a second stretch, Westbrook made the conscious decision that Schroder and George began the crime. Four consecutive possessions, Westbrook left the ball in advance either for George or Schroder. This was the beginning of one of the most fascinating Westbrook games I've ever seen.

**Game of Westbrook. It was so, so interesting. Probably the best game of 11 points, 5 of 15, 1 of 5 of 3, 0 of 2 of the free throw line, four billing games that you will never see of the Thunder leader. Westbrook can not be so bad when Curry and Green play. But, damn, if it were not the reason why the Thunder hit the Warriors, although his shots did not fall, because he did many other things in the flow of the game.

*Winning works. Playing the right way Find the open man. This topic that the trainers of things like to say. His shot was not there, but the Thunder still had more-25 with him on the ground, because he defended competently and was very aware of the game's pulse.

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