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SC requested that it force DBM to release P42.700 million for rising wages for state workers


The leader of the majority of CASA, Rolando G. Andaya Jr., led the presentation of a petition before the Supreme Court that sought to force the Department of Budgets and Management (DBM) to release the fourth tranche of the # 39; salary increase for government workers that amount to at least P42. 7 billion.

In a petition of 28 pages, the petitioners through his attorney, Atty. Walter Tan specifically asked for a mandate mandate issuance with mandatory precautionary prayer to force secretary of the survey budget, Benjamin E. Diokno, to fulfill the ministerial duty of # 39; release the funds for the fourth installment of the increase and adjustments provided in the Executive Order 201 (Modification of the salary calendar for civil government personnel and authorization of the granting of additional benefits for both military and military personnel military uniform staff) as of January 2019.

Adherence to the request are employees of the Immigration Office, the Justice Department (DOJ) and the House of Representatives.

"Close unfinished"

Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Ray F. Villafuerte Jr., meanwhile, provoked what he described as "the incessant stratagem" of Andaya, a colleague in Bicolá legislature, to abuse his position as chairman of the rules committee of the House holding another "trunk hearing" of the court on allegations of irregularities against the DBM in an apparent error to further slow the approval of the already delayed Congress of the Law of General Appropriations ( GAA) of 2019, presumably in parallel with the block of the minority of the House.

Villafuerte said that this "illegal and immoral" Andaya movement carried out a follow-up work on Tuesday against DBM and Diokno is another reason to leave him immediately as a leader of the majority of the mass, so that he could no longer use his prime minister. The position to keep the step of the proposed GAA 2019 congress as a hostage delayed, the delay that, he said, poses the full and rapid implementation of this year's agenda for the growth and development agenda of the president Duterte.

"This is a strange situation in which the leader of the majority of the House has led for the first time a demolition work in DBM and secretary Benjamin Diokno, who is an alter ego of the president, along with the minority block of the House "Villafuerte dit. "This has unpacked its role as a political opposition agent to destabilize Duterte's administration before the mid-May elections sabotaging the president's GAA that is designed to prepare its priority programs and projects this year ".

"If the Andaya representative is going ahead with his follow-up investigation tomorrow [January 15] in collaboration with the Chamber minority, "Villafuerte said," he would do it against the wishes of most of our co-leaders in the ruling coalition who want a quick approval for the 2019 GAA Congress in support of the Vision of President Duterte for a stop and including growth. "

No basis

The petitioners added that there is no basis for the DBM to retain the fund's launch as there are alternative sources available despite the delay in the GAA 2019 step or the recreation of the 2018 budget.

They pointed out that the Multiple Benefits Fund (MPBF) for a total amount of P99.44 billion can be used to cover the fourth quarter salary adjustment.

"DBM only needs P42.705,911,000 to finance the fourth increase and trance salary adjustment for the year 2019, when it has a total amount of P99.446,295,000 in the MPBF," the petitioners pointed out.

"The use of MPBF is not just a new or theoretical idea developed by the petitioners here. In fact, Section 46 of 2018 GAA allows the use of MPBF as the law informs the executive department who can use the appropriate funds for personnel services to pay for staffing, "they added.

Malacañang, for its part, made it clear that it was not launched in the debate on the implementation of the wage rise, as it welcomed the request of Andaya to force the DBM to release the fourth tranche of the salary increase as of January 2019.

"The welcome [the petition], so that this can be solved immediately. He [Andaya] he has his interpretation. At DBM we have our interpretation, "Diokno told reporters at a briefing on Monday.

Under Secretary of DBM Atty. Janet B. Abuel also pointed out that Diokno does not exercise any discretion about the release of funds for the fourth installment and that they only act in accordance with the provisions of the Executive Order 201, modifying the salary calendar for civil government personnel and authorizing the granting of additional benefits for both civilian and military personnel and uniformed personnel.

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