Saturday , August 20 2022

Stan Lee will have a video in "Ralph breaks the Internet", the upcoming Marvel films


Stan Lee's legendary legend, who died at 95, will be seen in the film "Ralph breaks the Internet".

The Vrap reports that the audience has to take into account how Vanellope Von Schweetz can be seen walking through the hallways of Oh fanatics Disney by Stormtroopers from Star Wars. While various Disney characters and signs with all the studios are struck, Disney has gained this decade, one of the stars in which she almost hits Lee himself.

The sequel "Vreck-It Ralph", a new film directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston.

"Ralph breaks the Internet" returns Ralph and his other accident Vanellope von Schweetz. This time, the digital duo goes on a journey to explore the world of the Internet, hoping to find a replacement for the Vanellop, the arcade classic Sugar Rush, for its own racing game.

In 2019, they will be seen in the films of Marvel Studios "Captain Marvel" and "Avengers 4", which have finished shooting. Given that it appears in Disney Marvel films, the audience should not be surprised if they see it in the animated film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse".

Lee, the father of superheroes, died of lungs on Monday.

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