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The director of photography "Game of thunder" weighs this episode so dark


Thrones game"The Longest Night" is still shaking the days after its release, not only for its questionable battle strategies and for a surprising death, but because many fans could hardly see this episode.

Season 8, episode 3 was one of the shows literal Darker episodes, one that made us crash into the dark, just like the soldiers of Winterfell and with a similar success index (R.I.P. Dothraki screams). The cinematographer Fabian Wagner has a simple and non-technical explanation.

"The problem is that a lot of people do not know how to tune in to the TVs correctly," he said With cable. "Unfortunately, many people see it in small iPads, which in no way can they do justice to a show like this one."

Do you hear it already It's your fault!

There are legitimate explanations for the aesthetics of the nightmare of the interior of the show, including the actual design of production (there is no electricity in Westeros). TechCrunch explains the difficulties with video compression and bands, in which it is difficult for a television to distinguish between similar shadows of the same color (eg, White-blue shades of shades against a shadow sea).

"Another look would have been wrong," Wagner said about darkness and enlightenment. "Everything we wanted to see is there."

Can we turn on more fires? I feel they kill the weights.

Can we turn on more fires? I feel they kill the weights.

"Thrones game It's a cinematic spectacle and therefore you have to watch it as if you were in a cinema: in a dark room, "he added." If you look at a night scene in a very enlightened room, they will not help you see the image correctly. ".

This sounds just majestic, but the creation of absolute darkness is literally impossible if, for example, you're watching Pacific time and the sun is still under way. Perhaps we have defeated the death, but we can not defeat the sun! I'm sure tin tape my windows Bird box-Stile to watch a television episode, but I will not do it either!

How With cable notes, shows like Thrones You can shoot at 8K, therefore, unless you have a 8K TV, you will not see it, as it should be seen. And the thing about 8K televisions is, uh …

The good news is that the long night is apparently thanks to an Arya Stark, so you could take a look at the eyes Thrones for the foreseeable future. Or forever! Sniff

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