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The performance of Luka Modric: from the Croatian refugee to the best player of FIFA | Football Nevs


Luka Modric enjoyed incredible growth

Luka Modric enjoyed incredible growth

Before the UEFA league, UEFA meets Croatia on Sunday, we look at the way of Luka Modric from the humble beginnings to become the best player of FIFA and a key threat to Gareth Southgate …..

Humble beginnings and early success

Modric grew up as a refugee on his own country in the walls of the large, scarce Iz Iz Hotel in Zadar, by forcing his home in Yugoslavia with a family of only six years old for the horrors of the Croatian War of Independence. But despite this unrest, he got a platform to show his football talents in NK Zadar – then the top Croatian club.

Nevertheless, Blue's height and mild shoulder counted on him, and he was rejected by Hajduk Spilled, despite the Zadar president, the observation of Josip Bail that although he was "skinny and really small for his age, you could immediately see that it had something especially in it. "

Modric in action for Dinamo Zagreb

Modric in action for Dinamo Zagreb

Tomislav Basic, one of Modric's early trainers in NK Zadar – considered him his "sports father" from the player himself – made it easy to move to Dinamo Zagreb in late 2001, and after a year at the club for youth, the 18-year-old midfielder won Player of the Year 2003/04. during the takeover of the loan to Zrinjski Mostar from the Prime League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Another temporary phase of the next season – this time with Inter-Zapresic – saw Modric to help the club finish as a champion in Croatia's first football league and was long ago rewarded with the 10-year contract from Zagreb. He almost immediately spent part of his new wealth by buying apartments for his family in the city of Zadar; rewarding them for the sacrifices they gave in order to further develop in difficult circumstances.

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Part of the Zagreb team that triumphed in successive top-flight campaigns from 2005 to 2007, Modric was a vital component in the middle of the field, and his ability to play games was an important factor in the development of the Brazilian Croat, Eduardo da Silva, who defeated exceptionally 54 league goals in two seasons of the season.

But that's all the changes in the Stadion Maksimir at the end of the 2006/07 season. Eduardo finished £ 7.5m in Arsenal, while defense attorney Vedran Korluk joined the upcoming revolution in Manchester City. Despite the reported interest of Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​Modric decided to stay and rewarded for it; Dinamo ended the double league and cup, winning the first with an incredible margin of 28 points.

Continued award-winning progress

After refusing to leave his country, Modric agreed to a six-year contract for joining Tottenham in April 2008 and moved to Witten Hart Lane for £ 16.5 million a year.

The easy label followed him in the early stages of his time in northern London, since Spurs started September at the bottom of the Premier League, but when Harry Redknapp, who took samples from Juande Ramos, noticed talent Croatian pulled him away from left wing and planned to build a team around Modric to make it a star man.

Modric was a star for Spurs

Modric was a star for Spurs

His stock began to grow from there. Modric played during Spurs's first taste of the Champions League in the 2010/11 season, and in the season they finished fifth in the league, he made the highest average point for Spurs (62.5) points with an accuracy rate of 87, 4%.

His extraordinary skill in dictating the pace of the game attracted the previous goalkeepers in the summer of 2011, Chelsea accelerated their interest in midfielders with unsuccessful bids of 22 million pounds and later 27 million pounds.

With Chelsea's interest, Modric was not at the opening of the first day of the following season against Manchester United, as rumors of the final offer remained in the titles. Rumors were made on the Day of the Day, as Blues offered 40 million pounds for its services – but Spurs again rejected the offer.

Although his importance on Redknapp's side remained intact, Modric focused on a gentlemen's deal with Spurs president Daniel Levi to see the club entertain offers from "big clubs" if they were put into the future.

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Become a Galactico

The magnificent is a remarkable footballer, the little man takes the ball in the tiniest areas with the people around him, escaping from the situation. He can play in any team in the world, "said former head of Redknapp's boss Modric. In summer 2012, he joined one of the best.

As the season of the 2011/12 season ended, Modrikov participated in the competition. He signed with an elevated volleyball in Spurs with a 4-1 hit from Bolton and on August 27, joining Jose Mourinho Real Madrid for the reported 30 million fee, becoming part of what has become known in some circles as "the second era of Galacticos & 39 ;.

As was the case with his inception in Wyatt Hart Lane, Modric initially found the transition to a challenge, with a lack of pre-season training and fierce competition for places that affected his start in Bernabeu. Since 2013, however, the appointment of Carla Ancelotti has proven to be a catalyst for improving Modric's performances in the Spanish capital.

Modric won four league championships with Real Madrid

Modric won four league championships with Real Madrid

An important balance was hit by Xabi Alonso and Modrica's central ties, which was a partnership that became the focus of the side that raised the Champions League and Copa Del Rei in 2013/14. Although he joined Toni Kroos after Alonso's departure, Modric spent much of the next campaign on the margins of the injury, and Ancelotti made it clear that his absence was "hurt" Real, and was a factor that contributed to their unsuccessful conquest of the second consecutive Champion League title and first title La Liga from 2011/12.

Since then, a key member of the team, Modric has appeared 268 times for Real, scored 13 goals and contributed 41 assists. They are statistics that only talk about a part of the story of his contribution to the trophies containing five victories in the Champions League, two Spanish Super Cups and a La Liga medal.

The best player in the world

As captain of the Croatian side, Zlatko Dalić, at this year's World Cup, Modric led the example – as usual. Named as a number of locations as the best player in the group stage after he scored two goals, he successfully turned two penalties because the nation became only the first team from Argentina in 1990 to win two shootings on a single tournament and pull the wires into a semi-finals, an extraterrestrial victory over England.

Real Madrid midfielder and Croatia's Modric says he can not believe he won the FIFA prize for the best male player

Real Madrid midfielder and Croatia's Modric says he can not believe he won the FIFA prize for the best male player

The 33-year-old finished 87 percent of his passage in Russia, ran 72.3 kilometers in seven games, and in front of the finals he finished most passes in the opponent's half and was at the top in terms of the amount of dribbling per game.

Tomorrow, the fairy tale ended in the finals, when Croatia's pre-tournament outsiders lost 4-2 in France in Moscow, but Modrikov's contribution was recognized by the Golden Ball winner for the best player of the 2018 World Cup.

Calls continued from August to September and October. He was named the best player of the FIFA Men of the Iear, the Plaque of the Iear Men's UEFA Men and was announced as one of the 30 players nominated for Ballon d 'Or.

England face Croatia in a winner match – all matches in the UEFA Nation on Sunday, live on the Ski Sports.

England face Croatia in a winner match – all matches in the UEFA Nation on Sunday, live on the Ski Sports.

After Zrinjski Mostar was loaned back in 2003/04, Modric said: "Somebody who can play in the Bosnian league can play anywhere." After the glittering year he enjoyed, his early predictions seem to be true – and England will once again look at their talents when they get to know him again in the League of Nations, live on Ski Sports on Sunday.

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