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The story of the La Liga weekend


MADRID: Real Betis won a brilliant 4-3 win against Barcelona in the Nou Camp, while Real Madrid won the fourth game in a row under interim coach Santiago Solariom 4-2 in Celta Vigo.

Here are five speech points from weekend action:

The defense disappears in Barca

One of the signs of the Barcelona team, Ernest Valverde, last season was their solid defense, which is on the way to winning the title only 29 times.

However, this campaign has failed Barca, and the opponents are having fun against them.

"The teams can not come here and score four against us," complained the midfielder Arturo Vidal, but Real Betis just did it on Sunday.

Barcelona have already left 18 goals, which means they have the sixth weakest defense in the division, despite retaining their position at the top of the league.

Perhaps he will take care of this in La Liga, but the European elite will not be so forgiven as Barcelona is seeking to win his first League title since 2015.

The most obvious Panenka ever

Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos in Real Madrid's penal regime, the captain likes to withdraw the old Panenka chip.

Earlier this week, the former Czech international Antonin Panenka, who invented the blow technique, praised the captain of Madrid for his ability to retire.

"(Ramos) could be the best imitator, because he did it more than once," Panenka told Gol. "People know it works, and it's still working, so it's great for him."

So, when Real was awarded the penalty against Celta Vigo in a 4-2 victory on Sunday, and Ramos stepped up to take it, everyone knew what would happen.

In addition, it seems Celta goalkeeper Sergio Alvarez, who jumped to the left and saw the Ramos chip in the net, while the defender again withdrew from the move.

Barça audition passed

Kuikue Setien was a long-standing fan of John Cruff's football style, taking risks and rewarding prizes.

The Real Betis coach came to Camp Nou and shone, making a great performance that served as an audition for Valverde's job.

The Barca manager's contract expires at the end of the season and there were no conversations about renewing it.

After Betis's victory, Sergio Buscuets gave Setien a signed shirt, writing "For Kuikue with respect and admiration for your way of looking at football."

This is a sign that Barcelona's key players will be happy to have a coach like Setien.

Growth of an outsider

For many years, the Spanish league has been criticized for dominating Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with the occasional headline challenge from Atletico Madrid.

However, this season, the league looks more competitive than ever, which is proven at the top of the table.

Real Madrid, who were in crisis two weeks ago and dismissed coach Julien Lopetegui, are the sixth, but only four points behind Barcelona's leader, who are 24th.

Three teams are one point behind Barça at 23, Sevilla, Atletico and Alaves, while Espaniol is fifth with 21.

"This year, the level of our opponents has grown, you can no longer win the league with 100 points," Barca's Gerard Pikue said.

"The teams have bigger budgets, better players and they are more competitive and it's better for spectators."

Solari in Limbo

Santiago Solari refused to clarify his future after winning in Madrid in Balaidos, but it is clear that the coach can not continue to work as a temporary manager after Monday.

In Spain, there is a period of 15 days in which someone can work on that basis before they have to be given a contract or release their roles.

With four victories in four games, 15 goals scored and only two admitted, Solari has applied for a job.

However, director of institutional relations Emilio Butragueno could not confirm whether Solari would be coach on Sunday night.

Florentino Perez, chairman of the club, has allegedly tried to persuade many different trainers to come without success.

For now, Madrid seems to have no choice but to continue with Solari.

(Editing by Christian Radnedge)

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