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VVE Survivor Series 2018: Which Brand Has Superior Men's and Women's Detachments? | Bleacher Report


The Survivor Series is once a year in which Rav and SmackDovn compete with each other for brand supermatosis, assuming you ignore Roial Rumble, VrestleMania Battle Roals and Monet at the Bank Contest.

However, this is the VVE and the bragging rights are important, so Stephanie McMahon and Baron Corbin hoped to establish Rav's dominance while Shane McMahon and Paige fight from an illegal site, while people continue to think of SmackDown as B-shov .

Depending on the champion and the winner of the championship, three traditional elimination games will be held with some of the best and brightest of the two brands struggling to see which leaf is superior.

Let's take a look at these teams and estimate which side has the advantage in the Survivor Series 2018.


Match for the elimination of men

On the right side, Corbin will remain an uncompetitive captain of the crew consisting of Bobbi Lashley, Brown Strovman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntire and Finn Balor.

For SmackDown, Shane McMahon will dine on his hands because he is one of five members, including Captain The Mizz, Jeff Hardy, Rei Misteria and Samo Joe.

Both teams have a monstrous hall in Strovman and Joe, both have favorites like Balmor and Hardy, and finesse players such as Ziggler and Misterio.

Rav has an advantage in terms of pure power, as Strovman, Lashley and McIntire are simply greater than any three people on the side of the blue brand, which is also hurt because McMahon is not a regular wrestler and a clear weak link.

However, both sides have a lot of fighting that could tell them a failure, if the other party is able to avoid imploding.

Strovman has satisfactory problems with McIntire and Ziggler from his time as "The Dogs of Var" and has yet to solve the Corbin score since it was costed by the Universiade at Crovn Jevel. McIntire and Lashley also made enemies from Balor.

The table makes enemies of all, even without Daniel Brian in the team, it is unlikely to join the Mystery after trying to bring him a boot.

As for cooperation, SmackDown has fewer skuash-related issues, but if Rav can remain a sufficiently long unit, Monday night team will take its brute power and ensure victory.


Women's elimination game

The raw women's team has an impressive team with Alec Bliss on the outside as a captain who will help direct sixteenth champion Mickie James, the future Hall of Famer Natalia and the largest woman in VVE, Niji Jak.

Tamina would usually be a bad bond, but she is in the midst of renewed pressure and is still one of the most impressive figures in the female division, so she may not be as much sacrificial lamb this time.

Ruby Riott can fill that void instead, especially if her problems with Natalia rise to the surface and cause some struggle.

SmackDown has a solid core in the three babysubs Asuka, Naomi and Carmella, as they share four women's titles and win the Roial Rumble between them for success.

Sonia Deville has yet to achieve just one thing in the NKST or the main list, but Survivor Series is an event that has made a career in the past, so that it has the opportunity to prove it or to choke again.

A true k-factor is an unknown fifth member of the team, who can make or break it.

Mandi Rose will not be of much help, nor will The IIconics or Lana. None of them have much to offer and probably only could find more help.

But what if there is a surprise contestant like Nikki Cross who can be an unknown element Rav can not be prepared for someone who is unstable and impossible to predict?

Without knowing who it is, Team Row once again takes precedence, as one member is never good.

VVE is so concerned about this match that this is the most up-to-date graphics, proving who is really important at Team SmackDown.

VVE is so concerned about this match that this is the most up-to-date graphics, proving who is really important at Team SmackDown.Credit:

Match Team Elimination Match

The strongest match is also the easiest to predict, as Raw has an absolutely gruesome team of teams representing them.

The elevation has been only joking on the main list for years, the whole B-team's knitwear is that they are losers. Revival, unfortunately, has failed to exploit its real potential, and the team of Bobbi Roode and Chad Gable is becoming more receptive with every passing day.

Parti Lucha House is the only solid unit of the crowd and will not be allowed to have all three members of its team on this match, nor will it be the biggest dog in the fight.

In the meantime, SmackDown has two of the best-decorated tags of modern-day teams in The Usos and The Nev Dai, which charge billing. Only these two teams can really take all the members of Rav.

They joined the only three teams available in The Colons, The Good Brothers and Saniti, who have not been doing anything for some time now.

As long as these teams do not screw things up, The Usos and The Nev Dai should be able to pretty quickly ensure victory for the blue brand.

General verdict

Row teams are furious and can collapse into themselves at any time, while SmackDown has tighter connections, but a less impressive map from which to play.

At the end of the day, Mondai Night Rav will always be A-shov and priority, so VVE rely on giving it a brand at all points throughout the night.

SmackDown should get at least one win with tags teams and could even reach another with a male or female, but it will be a disturbing battle.

Do not be surprised if Rav won most of the championship and championship matches, losing two elimination matches and still coming out with a final score of 4-2 just to prove that they are a superior brand.

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