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Warriors honor Steve Kerr for surrendering Durant-Green wages


The warriors did not hear a fiery speech. They did not even hear a story.

When Varioors coach Steve Kerr addressed the recent looting of Draymond Greene with Kevin Durant, Kerr offered a fair, pragmatic and optimistic message.

"One incident in November can not creak for the next six months and what we are trying to achieve," "Guardian guard Stephen Curri recalled Kerr saying," He spoke clearly about this. "

Varriors (12-5) left on Monday, explaining a week in which Kerr was handling something more serious than three consecutive victories, overlapping injuries and fluid rotation. Then, the Warriors showed optimism that they could cure their tired and injured bodies. They also expressed hope that they will further distance themselves from the drama originating from Granda and Durant.

So, Kerr spent last week to ensure that the failure between Greene and Durant does not worsen. Then Kerr pointed out something that distinguishes Varriors outside of their All-Star talent.

"Just play with joy, it's always been about our emotions," said Durant. "He has always been great in this and ensuring that everyone feels good, trying to put everything in a position to be successful. He tries to regain this joy."

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Durant was not satisfied last week. He was in Green because he did not pass the ball at the last game of regulation in the Los Angeles Klippers last week's loss. In an upcoming party, Green has attacked Durant with vulgarities and referred to his free agent, which is expected next summer. The warriors then suspended Green's next game against Atlanta. After playing again with Green on Thursday in Houston, Durant shot a reporter for questioning about his relationship with Green.

Green will probably sit down when Warriors (12-5) will play Oklahoma City Thunder (10-5) on Wednesday at Oracle Arena, marking a third game that missed Varriors, citing pain in the right leg. However, the setting only provides another reminder of Durant's sensitivity. When he left Thunder two years ago for warriors, details emerged at the tension of Durant and Oklahoma City Guardian Russell Westbrook before and after his departure. Warriors believe, however, their chief trainer can calm the current problem.

"Steve is always great," said Varriors keeper Klai Thompson. "He has a great look at life and basketball. He is one of our leaders. We always lean on him in turbulent times."

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However, Kerr has never faced such a turbulent time as the head coach of Varriors. Varriors lost three consecutive times only twice since Varriors hired Kerr before the 2014-15 season. Due to the overlap of Curri (left ash), Green (right leg) and Alfonzo McKinnie (left wrist), Kerr ordered seven different startups in consecutive matches. The war veterans have since recognized the best record of the Western Conference Portland (11-5).

This represents a sharp contrast to "dreams" and "enchanting existence". Kerr enjoyed the All-Star talent and three NBA titles in the last four years.

"This is the hardest part we were in. This is a real NBA," said Kerr. "We have not been in the real NBA for the past four years. We have been in this dream and now we are facing real misfortunes, we have to get out of it ourselves."

In order to get out of it, Kerr can not rely on his previous training experience. In addition to the Varriors who scattered the series from the 3-1 finals that led to Cleveland 2016, Kerr never had such a failure as the head coach. But there are many other experiences on which he relies on the former player. As Curri said about Kerr, "he was on the cross before he knew how to deal with her."

Kerr fought fiercely against former Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan. As Kerr joked this week, "I kicked my ass MJ." Although Kerr spoke privately with Green and Durant, it remains unclear whether he had raised his fight with Jordan or felt it was important for the two to apologize, as Jordan did Kerr.

"It was a good try," said Kerr, smiling. "Come on, give me more credit than that. That was a long time ago."

However, Kerr was still predetermined about his time for Spurs coach Greg Popovich (1999-2001, 2002-2003). Then he noticed former Spurs Tim Duncan and Curria using their equality as a player in the national team to reduce the problems with wardrobe with humor and empathy. Kerr also admired how Popovic prevented problems from getting worse.

"In fact, I noticed that Pop was better in crisis, more relaxed and just more ready for training," said Kerr. "When things go well, then he would be on the edge, and he did not want to slip in. We won five in a row and he would shout at us. We'd lose it a few times and then take us to dinner. It's a pretty good training philosophy when you think about it. You need to keep the train in advance and nobody does it better than Pop. "

Popovic says that Kerr feels the same.

"He is someone I would count on in any situation," Popovic said of Kerr, who will be one of his assistants in the United States for the FIBA ​​World Championship 2019 and the 2020 Olympics in Japan. "It's the same as any attempt, it's about people and it's about relationships. I'm sure that no matter how you think, write or talk about it, it's not as important as you did it."

How much Kerr reflects this philosophy? "Pretty much," said Kerr. He kept most details of the incident private. Warriors also held a team dinner last Wednesday, although it is customary for most out of the day during the trip. Kerr joked that the majority owner of the Varriors Joe Lacob "paid for it."

"He is very authentic in the sense that nothing covers sugar," Curri said to Kerr. "He understands the reality of the situation, but he still focuses on how to move forward as a team. That is really the most important thing."

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To help Varriors move forward: Kerr contacted the Green-Durant incident before the fourth morning shooting in Houston. Kerr has already had private conversations with Durant and Green. Although Majers considered himself and Kerrom as "primary decision makers" to suspend Green, sources say a crowd of them said that the Greens crossed the line during their Durant debate. But Kerr wanted to present all the questions as a team.

"That's the point of my job and Bob's job," said Kerr. "I have to make some performances, Bob must choose the best guy in the draft, but in these positions, the whole thing is to get this thing back." "When you have the kind of character on your list as we do, it makes the job easier."

Kerr and his players kept those details private. But Kerr pointed out something he said to talk to his players about each season.

"" Make a lot of money. There are so many interests, so many channels and media and so many fans that can not get enough of it, "said Kerr." "You'll be in the spotlight and review your lives every day." "When things hit, you have to be ready for a lot of coverage." "

In order to cover this, Varriors minimized the public debate on the incident since Miers and Kerr held a press conference on the suspension of Greene last week.

Miers, Kerr and Green after they refused to talk about how the Varriors coach managed a splash behind the scene. After Durant admitted uncertainty if Green could fix a relationship with him last week, Durant refuses to answer questions about Green. Curri became a spokesman for the team and highlighted optimism that could cure his breakup.

"There is a lot of hats and pressure, he's who he is," he says. "It does not change for anyone or for any drama." The personality of the team can help to take care of the job, "said veteran guard Varriors Shaun Livingston for Kerr. "It only allows us to grow, which allows us to heal, which allows us to return to what we are."

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