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Absurd events in Wi¶le Krakow! The footballer wants to leave just after the transfer. “He vomited after training” Football

Tim Hall arrived in Wisła Kraków on January 14 this year, signing a 2.5-year contract with an extension option. The former businessman of the three-time representative of Luxembourg was Gil Vicente in Portugal.

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Piotr Obidziński pointed out his biggest mistake in Wisła Kraków

It turns out the 23-year-old may not stay too long on the White Star team due to a conflict with Wisła’s charismatic coach Peter Hybala. According to Piotr Koźmiński of WP SportoweFakty, Hall was unable to bear the hard work that the German coach had to give the team. In one of them, Hall had to throw himself, and Hyballa’s harsh reaction provoked an “unpleasant situation” during class.

Wisła Kraków loses a defender!  They will win with the transfer despite the unusual directionWisła Kraków loses a defender! They will win with the transfer despite the unusual direction

The relationship between Hall and Hyballa is very tense, and what is worse, according to reports, the Luxembourgish body has suffered so much that the 23-year-old will only be ready to play in a few weeks. Will he then represent Wisła? This is not entirely certain, because after the said dispute it is possible that Hall will leave on loan in this transfer period. The Luxembourg media write about Hyballa’s extraordinary meeting with the board, where the player’s issues were discussed. Therefore, the contract can be terminated by mutual consent, as according to our information, the defender no longer wants to play for this club.

Wisła Kraków ranks twelfth in the league standings. In the autumn round, the Krakow team scored 14 points in 14 matches and will start the spring with a match against Piast Gliwice at their own stadium, which is scheduled for 31 January.

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