Friday , May 14 2021

An indefinite link or a complex bank takeover plan? Maciej Samcik on the KNF scandal

Dominika Vielovieiska: I wanted to paint a comprehensive picture of what had just happened. Namely, the banks of Leszek Czarnecki are in trouble. The KNF head invites him to talk, you can expect something to happen during this conversation, which is why Leszek Czarnecki records it. But with the recording, it is waiting until it is known that the KNF will "attack". It is known that Idea Bank will be registered on the KNF's prudential list. And then Roman Giertich advises Leszek Czarnecki to uncover the tapes. Is this a possible scenario?

Maciej Samcik: It's possible, but with one warning. I do not think this catalyst enters or threatens to include the idea of ​​a bank in the KNF alert list. Because it's actually about brokerage or collateral. This is not a warning like "people do not keep money in this bank," only "people do not buy these investment products", which are still a margin of activity today.

I understand, but it's always a bad news for Leszek Czarnecki. Do you think that such a question was the adoption of the Fair of Amendments regarding the so-called resolutions. So, the situation in which the office could be taken over by a private bank to save it?

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