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Are you going to return two business days every Sunday? Sunday's ban on commerce will hurt the floor with hiccups? Voters do not want a total ban

Are you going to return two business days every Sunday? Prohibition of trading on bad Sunday for the PIS

Since the beginning of 2019, more stringent standards have been applied the law on the prohibition of trading on Sundays. Compared to last year, Poles will have at their disposal:

  • Only a business Sunday a month,
  • It will always be on the last Sunday of the month.

As of 2020, every Sunday will be prohibited from trading, except 7 Sundays a year.

As it turns out that, based on the analysis of the experts in the Sejm Analysis Office, this solution is not necessarily desirable for the public, but they inform "Trade News."

the lecture:

Experts from the Sejm Analysis Office suggest:

  • resignation of three Sundays with a commercial ban of the month (changes are in force since the beginning of 2019),
  • withdrawal of additional restrictions (total ban on Sunday trade).

The analysis prepared by experts from the BAS was prepared secretly and it is useless to look for it in the Sejm websites. What else is it from the document that the portal has achieved?

The voters of all parties are in agreement that the current form of trade on Sunday (that is, 2018) is a compromise between those who want a total ban on trade and those who want to return to the situation before March of 2018, that is, the lack of restrictions on trade on Sunday. – Read the document.

What is the Anti-Ban Trading Law Against?

Analysts point out that the constraint of the Commercial Discrimination Law was, in theory, to support smaller entrepreneurs, but in practice, current regulations are mainly used for service stations and discount stores which, thanks to the success of the marketing and promotion activities, attracted customers from other days of the week.

From a document prepared by experts from the Sejm Analysis Office, it seems that the desired solution would be to maintain the rules in which they were in force Two business Sundays per month.

In addition, experts note that the number of people who do not like to quit on Sundays is increasing, and that their percentage will increase even more with the introduction of subsequent Sundays under a commercial ban, which may have an impact on the elections

The Law of Law and Justice of the PiS will decide what type of additional character will have on Sunday the Law of prohibition of commerce. However, as reported by "WH", the task of reinforcement was suspended on December 5, 2018.


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