Sunday , May 22 2022

Beware of rain. Prognosis of threats


In many regions, the aura will give drivers a problem, on roads it can even be dangerous. The ride will be disturbed by the freezing of rainfall, which will make the surface slippery.

Rain Rain

On Tuesday, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management can issue warnings on the first degree against the freezing of rainfall in the region Silesian. In the south there may be a mild ice freezing that causes black ice.

Warnings will be effective from 7.30 on Tuesday to Wednesday morning.

Terrible Wednesday

Aura can also be dangerous on Wednesday. In the Duke: Silesian, Svietokrziskie, Mazowieckie and Małopolskie. podkarpackie it is expected a slightly frozen rainwater that causes glacial frost.

Warnings may apply from 7.30 on Wednesday to Thursday morning.

What is the prognosis for threat?

The threat prognosis is "an indicative weather forecast, which serves to inform the public of a possible dangerous meteorological phenomenon".

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