Saturday , May 8 2021

BSC Drukarnia Opakova is preparing for the growth of the order

– We are looking at the growing demand for our packaging from current and new customers. The domestic market, supported by a record low unemployment rate and rising buds, is growing steadily. We do not rule out that we will accept a part of the production from outside printers from Germany because the local market is struggling with the lack of employees. Taking into account the above factors, we keep our optimism about the results of the company in the coming years – comments Andrzej Baranovski, vice president of BSC Drukarni Opakova.

The main impact on the form of the results of BSC Drukarnia Opakova in K1-K3 2018 had a high base in the previous year, especially in the first quarter, when the Mondelez Group contract was still fully implemented. Prices of raw materials, especially cellulose cardboard and labor costs, remain a challenge. The company is consistently working on the development of a mixture of products according to the packaging with the highest quality.

In the first nine months of last year, the largest package was sold to cosmetic customers (56 percent of sales in this period) and food (28 percent sales in that period). Pharmaceutical changes, in turn, account for 7 percent. all sales, and the remaining 9 percent. It is important to note the increase in sales to the pharmaceutical sector by 2 pp. from year to year, which is of strategic importance for the development of the company. Business relationships with customers in this industry are usually long-lasting, in addition, it is relatively more resistant to fluctuations.

The response of BSC Drukarni Opakova to an increased interest in its offers is the expansion of production capacities. Early next year, the company intends to order new production and warehouse halls, which, starting in February 2019, plans to command the machines. The launch of additional production lines for the visa will also be an increase in employment, estimated at around 40 people.

The company's market environment contributes to the company's development plans. According to KPMG estimates presented in the report "Market for printing and packaging printing in Poland", the production of the entire printing sector in Poland in 2018 will amount to PLN 16.1 billion, which means an increase of 4.4 percent compared to the same period last year years.


BSC Drukarnia Opakova belongs to a small group of suppliers of cardboard packaging and paper on the Polish market. Over 80 percent of the company's production goes to familiar, global issues, among others Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, Henkel, Avon, Colgate. It has two specialized production plants in Poznan, where it employs over 400 employees. It belongs to the international printing group rlc, through a strategic investor – spk Colorpack GmbH, which controls 36 percent. actions. The shares of BSC Drukarni Opakova are listed on ALL since 2011.


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