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Control of KGP after the report on shares J. Zielinsky


  • There is a reaction of the police headquarters to the reports of the officer from Suvalka regarding the actions of Jarosław Zielinski in this area
  • According to their messages, uniforms were forced, among other things, to take care of the House of the Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration Ministry, taking part in his official visits to this part of Poland, and sometimes even "turning up" officials of the State Security Service
  • However, when Jarosław Zielinski returned to his home in the Poduval village, police officers were supposed to stand on his route and "shine" to greet him

– The Chief Police Officer ordered control at the municipal police station in Suvalka. KGP officers of the control office are already conducting on-site activities – inform Onet. Mariusz Ciarka, KGP spokesperson.

We will remind you, as we wrote in Onet two days ago, Sovereign police officers, desperate and worried about the situation at the local headquarters, wrote a letter to Bozeni Kaminski, deputy PO from the region. They asked her to intervene. The Prophet raised this issue at the last session of the Sejm.

– Policemen have enough to be ignored and treated in accordance with the political needs of Deputy Minister Jarosław Zielinski. Giving examples – department managers and their deputies in this command were, among other things, a staff guide with several years of experience or a younger candidate who had never had a serious job in his life. What is the purpose of the "flash" action that the entire Polish police laugh at? – asked the deputy.

– Why was one of the police patrols in Suvalka for almost three years guarding the whole day of the deputy minister's property, Jarosław Zielinski? Why are local police officers trained in suits, wearing glasses and pretending to be the State Protection Service during ceremonies in which you are attending Deputy Minister Zielinski? What kind of work is the priest, who is employed at the headquarters and does not come to work? – she continued.

More details are in the letter itself, including the said patrol, which oversees the property of the deputy minister in the village of Poduval. "It's about an hour, whether it's there or not, a police car must stand." He controls these patrols, the current commander is able to drive the past. Bialystok, if everything is fine at the ministerial house, nobody knows why, he is safe, and the police are sitting in that car, even if they want to be accommodated, someone else has to come to them so that he can leave. According to the aforementioned minister, Krzive was built and two properties were guarded by police officers. In addition to personal security, the property has an alarm that connects directly to the KMP official site in Suvalka, instead of a security company, "the letter said in a letter.

His authors also give details of "transforming" officers of the State Security Service (formerly BOR). "Local policemen wear clothes, wear glasses, put headphones on phones to watch more seriously and go near the minister, which was, among other things, on pictures from the Victory Day event in Suvalka, where besides the Minister, this protection is also conducted by the provincial the police chief who knows this protection, because he is the chief of one department, everything happens with the permission of the commanders. Why are they cribs? – Sulek police ask.

The questions that we sent to Minister Zielinski and the police in Suvavka were answered by the police headquarters. – "Deputy Minister Yaroslav Zielinski never used officers of any of the services to promote his person." Participation in ceremonies such as the opening of a new command or Police Day is only a business activity of the Deputy Minister who oversees the police or other departments subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, for example, State Fire Service We emphasize that all the activities that the police are carrying out are always based on law, "Inspector Mariusz Ciarka wrote in a response sent to Onet.

The bosses were not indifferent to the accusations of police officers, especially those concerned with guarding Zilinsky's home. – Minister Joachim Brudzinski ordered the Minister to urgently clarify this issue to Minister Zieliansky. I think this will be explained – said Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Paveş Szefernaker in the program "Points of Points".

Today Jarosław Zielinski himself mentioned the whole thing. "Some of the opposition media and politicians in retaliation for violating the interests of influential groups and people are trying to laugh and discredit me by playing a story about me about stories. It's all clear to whom and for what purpose this campaign is intended to serve," he wrote Twitter.

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