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Cuba Voivodzki vs. Micha Figurski: Who "proves her greatness through the little"? :: Magazin :: RMF FM


I always think books about glorious books are gay and probably because I have never been famous, I think 55 years is probably the first word to be summarized, says Cuba Voevdzki, his autobiography. The audience had their prime minister a week ago, and is already launching a lot of controversy … The mistake of private journalists, like the tsunami, begins to penetrate into home-based work.

Intimate confession of TVN's karst?

We waited impatiently for this publication. Information about the perverse autobiography of Krall TVN a few weeks ago were electrified by the media and all the Volunteer fancies. The journalist has repeatedly admitted that he despises similar objects coming from Piraeus of other well-known personalities, but points out that he himself does not belong to this group. Today, it is known that "unauthorized biography" will remain unnoticed. So far, several comments that appear in the book have already been commented (including Anna Mucha, Agnieszka Chiliska or Marta Muda-Trzebiatovska) and she has been emotionally concerned about the contents contained in the book on Micha Figursky's theme.

All artists have their limits

The calculation of old friends and associates is described in the extremely undecided words of the provincial governor. The journalist will not cease to quote a few anecdotes from social life … Voivodzki on a dozen sites will judge the majority, the future and the future co-owner of the "Strong VF".

Micha Figursky will appear unexpectedly in my life. Our common destinies resemble the earthquake trains. We cordially invited you to socialize with each other after a few years.

Here's an example of our trip to Chicago. Micha, even before the winged machine signe boundaries, but baamuci as an emigrant, resulting in common picnic excursions. Take your goal goal in the direction of the famous actress from the series "On the good and the z" and ended with a shot.

There was no special logic in it, because it would be good to be so happy at this time, and looking for a logic in his life would be like looking for a coward in "A Flying Duckling Flying."

The figure is excellent material for the guitarist of the other or punk band: open, positive, friendly, likes to drink as an anesthetist – to a loss of consciousness. A little, in my opinion, he reads a little, but perhaps everything that matters to me before my acquaintance. I remember when I visited him in a cottage, where he became a billiard in the largest room, and only one book was on the bookshelf.

"Like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards"

The author is entitled to create in his work the world in accordance with subjective imagination. Vojevdzki uses it with incredible precision in this thread. He undoubtedly inflicts painful blows that few people would leave unanswered. Autobiography in this edition seems to be the ideal place for summing up the history of history and showing it – probably – hidden for years.

Micha has these, almost like all of us in his brain, have a basement to keep things awkward. Small, confused and unhealthy competition. Micha had the problem of being second, the other with Voivodzki. It was the stupidest thing in his career that he started to run and it was not known whether he was with me or natural increase in his own problems.

He can not forgive himself for not being the leader in this duet. At the end of the collaboration, we were in such relationships as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The same band, stage, and other wardrobe, also mentally.

Everyone wondered what I would do to Michael after a famous affair with women from Ukraine. Or better, what I will not do. My loyalty, loyalty and dedication were evaluated, without any idea how much bitterness, bitterness and unfair interviews gave me. He mocked the fact that I do not have a family, and he likes it, he is good. No one will wonder where it will be today if I do not start working with me. From the perspective of what is happening to him, I should not be asking this question.

Micha lives her private life ultimately, and today she also works with professional life.

"The best cure for a successful relationship is BET"

One did not have to wait long for Figursky to think of what we can find in the autobiography of Vojevdzki. Although it uses a less toxic language – it's hard to get rid of the impression that it's an arrogant attitude – without it, probably none of them would have spent so much time, energy and energy on the poetic reversal and a summary of the years spent in work and playing with punishments on several occasions . The figurine will decide to deal with refined calm, which during the speech will cease to be where he died. You can still feel that there are still emotions among the journalists …

By definition: autobiography is a literary work whose theme is the author's own life. What is autobiography, we know – and certainly not a social chronicle. However, I understand, however, that sometimes the poor basic content and the need to give divergence, combined with marketing obligations, justify deviations from formal norms and rules. The weight of the day is the role and role of the events and persons described in it, and therefore accept as a huge fact that the author in this work will dedicate the pages of my humble person, which undoubtedly obliges me to at least understand what seems.

I admit that the procedure of proving the size of my own size through a few others is well known and does not cause any controversy in me, although I consider it to be average and worthy of many colorful journals from publishing on several sides, but in the so-called " Licentia poetica: Who will authorize the author?

(…) Let's go out once for pro bono, we do not have to worry more about our business, and we will again speculate about our alleged defect.

(…) I always love friends from the sycophants, but I do not appreciate your taste so disappointed with visiting my house. Forgive me for taking you to the living room, where books are not suitable for wall murals, because I always think that for reading, not showing and quoting – so small, we are filled with lexical nuances that we have a lot of. The dining room – there is no library, apartment – no apartments, cars – no fury, women – no money, no money – no bag of hai, robot – no career, radio tomorrow – not an alleged political mission, a common interest, not megalomania. Each of us will be adorned in our separate world, but we also have created this common model of other couples and made it to the contrary – our toxic connection, seemingly successful, because we raised offspring together, dear descendants, for which we have different expectations. (…) So we can spend more time with each other, because it was really great and worth it, but in the old rule, that the best remedy for a successful relationship is the heart, he managed to successfully explode everything.

"Would you be hopelessly hopelessly miserable"

Micha Figurski in his response to Voevsky (and many observers) decided to invite most of the allegations. He will give us the "other side of the coin". However, after compiling these statements, the question arises, which every reader must answer: does this discussion make sense? The journalist suspects that he also works on autobiography, but he intends to approach it in accordance with the definition and respect of the recipient, so that they do not give them another social chronicle.

You probably remember that this evening, when I visited you, at the end of the radon meeting, I was thrown over the city. It's a pity that flights fly, and we continue to play the same games, just the wind, because that does not mean sce. Today you are writing about my life's decline, but nothing proves that this thesis is more in vain than people who are pushed on your side, in which I continue to achieve my success in my personal and professional life. I only hope in all of my naïve that none of us will come to the head of our common success … because, as Dudek says, "he would be hopeless hopefully, hopelessly miserable."

Ps. In the end I will add that as your envy you and who, as always, repeat, the dwarf for years, I start autobiographies describing the diseases that I fought for years. I'm sorry, but I am forced to inform you that, despite all my great sabotage, sympathy and feeling, you will not find it under the letter "V" or even "CH".

And the promised quote: "Friends, may the gods surround you with concern, and Junona continues to close your anxiety. Let him speak the slave of your slaves, and sleep … … hard and calm."

You can find Micha Figursky's text HERE.

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