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Dramatic trauma to the Tottenham star. By decision of the doctors, could a tragedy be produced? [WIDEO]


Jan Vertonghen
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Jan Vertonghen

It seems that the Tottenham Hotspur team can no longer find anything wrong. You should run out of the bad luck: the number of injured people with this team is very high. Unfortunately, for fans of Kogutów, in the first half of the Champions League semifinals, defense pillar Jan Vertonghen also fell out of play.

The situation seemed very dangerous. Jan Vertonghen hit Tobym Alderweireld and Andre Onana reached the Tottenham stop. As a result, the Belgian lay on the lawn and poured a lot of blood on his face. In spite of that, the doctors decided that the chronometer continued the party.

Vertonghen has not been in the field for too long. The first doubts about the next action showed the referee of the party, but the player decided to continue playing. In a few seconds, the Belgian showed his team that he could not play. After a while, the situation became even more serious.

The defense lowered the goal, but if it were not for the medical team and coach Mauricio Pochettino, it would have fallen into the grass. I could not even walk only one meter. He hung himself on the shoulders of the doctors and went down to the dressing room. He has probably been in the hospital to take a head exams.

The doctors' decision was at least irrational. The debate over the game after collisions and head injuries has happened for many years, but there is still a shortage of situations where players can continue their actions. The consequences, however, can be very serious, as we saw during the Tuesday semifinal.

Vertonghen was able to continue the meeting because he felt good, but the situation worked like a delayed ignition bomb. It's good that the Belgian decided at the right time that he could not continue playing. Otherwise, another shock could be even more dramatically …

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