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Firefighters in Kitchen Revolutions! Magda Gessler closes the room?


Revolution of the kitchen in Tihi. Magda Gessler: "We close the restaurant!"

Magda Gessler visited the "Zorba" restaurant in Tichi in the latest episode of "Kitchen Revolutions". The restaurant did not have the time to try any food because the kitchen was expanded. Appropriate services have been established. According to the recommendations of the Fire Brigade, the restaurant had to be closed and all employees were evacuated.

Fortunately, the situation was overcome the following day. The nest was removed, and the owner of the building was concerned about the safety of its employees and guests – the windows were equipped with safety nets, and the first aid kit was supplemented with adrenaline. However, the problems are not over.

The restaurant criticized, above all, the taste of dishes and lack of knowledge of Greek cuisine.

Restaurant "Zorba" after the kitchen revolution is now Kalamata Bistro

From the description of the episode, we could learn the history of the restaurant:

The owner of the Greek restaurant "Zorba" in Tihi, Kristina "inherited" her husband. The man managed the pizzeria and, encouraged by her success, decided that the real time for a restaurant was that it was different than in Tihi. Contrary to the idea, Kristina realized that it was a risky idea and faced with real hardships. After many convictions, they decided to open a restaurant with a Greek kitchen that was missing in the city. Dissatisfied with the fact that none of them were in Greece, they started to act and so appeared in "Zorba" in Tihi. At the same time, Krisia gave birth to a premature child, while her husband went to another city for a better paid job.

Emily, the manager and family friend, had to take care of the new restaurant itself. She was the one who sought recipes, she created me, she dealt with an interior design, which, in addition, was the first bone of discord between the lady. Krisia examined almost every decision Emilia made in terms of equipment and decorations. Under the new government, the city failed, and financing worsened. When the state of the child's owner improved, the woman started working and together with her friend decided to fight for Zorbo. However, the situation is so bad that Kristina's efforts are not enough to save her. Will Magda Gessler help the restaurant?

After the revolution of the kitchen Now it's called the "Zorba" restaurant in Tihi "Kalamata Bistro". Kalamata is one of the region known in Greece for olives. The menu has been completely changed and the dishes suggested by Magda Gessler include choriatics or Greek salad, giouvarlakia – soup with lamb or plataki – lamb soup with potatoes in Greek, stuffed with paprika and tzatzik's sauce.

Kalamata Bistro there is Mikołovska 97, 43-100 Tichi. We also want to remind you that the repetition of the tenth part of "Kitchen Revolutions" is visible on the platform. / / KP

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